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  1. Second year U of A student here. It's probably worth reaching out to Vicki to see if she has any insight. I'm not sure if they give applicant-specific info or if it's more general tips though. She also does a session at the OASIS Conference, which will be virtual this year, so I think that could be especially helpful for people outside of Edmonton to get their questions answered. Best of luck with your experiences in the next year and on your next application. OASIS Conference 2020: https://www.facebook.com/events/313181846380677
  2. It seems like at least half of my class is from out of province and it is one of the larger classes at 56. I haven't heard anything about specific numbers according to province of residence like UBC. I don't think they care much about the GRE. Officially they want you to be above the 50th percentile in everything, especially writing and verbal reasoning, but I don't think it was make or break for anyone if the other parts of your application are strong.
  3. I'm a second year UofA student if anyone has any questions about the program here. Best of luck to you all!
  4. I was accepted to Western, but I will be declining the offer as I've decided to go to Alberta. That should open up a spot for someone else. Congrats everyone on your acceptances and good luck to everyone who was waitlisted!
  5. Congrats on your acceptances to UofA, @SLPhopeful1, @slphopeful101, and @slplesgo! I'll see you there!
  6. I couldn't access any classes, only search and plan. The enrollment date says March 21st, and to check with the department, so I guess that's when I can start. It's not a huge rush though, since I'm sure lots of people haven't accepted their offers yet. Have you already enrolled?
  7. UBC requires that you complete that course before starting the M.Sc., so if you didn't indicate that you planned to complete it before the program start date, I imagine that could hurt your application. I'm not sure how the grade you get plays into their decision. As you know, it's so difficult to predict what the most important aspects of your application are. I can tell you AUDI 402 itself is a very interesting but quite dense class. You need to know anatomical details and functions, and clinical signs of lesions rather than just the locations. I planned ahead and took a few other neuroanato
  8. I received an email with an offer from UBC yesterday too, but I will be declining to attend UofA.
  9. To anyone still waiting on their official letters for UofA, I called Vicki this morning and she said not to worry about it and that it is still coming for those who got an email. She told me that very few have gone out so far and that different people are handling processing for successful applicants with names in different sections of the alphabet, so we shouldn't worry unless it doesn't come by the end of the month. They're also doing their year-end for the department so lots going on there.
  10. Mine still says "Under Review" and "Decision: Pending" as well, so there's at least one other person still waiting with you. I finished my degree already so my acceptance wouldn't be conditional and I assume that if yours were conditional, it wouldn't affect the timing of your letter. I'm hoping it updates on Monday and everyone who hasn't had their official offer yet gets it. But I hear you; the longer it takes, the more nervous I get, especially when others have received their offers.
  11. Congrats! I got an email from Vicki too! It's one of my top choices so I'll most likely accept as well. I hope to see you all there.
  12. Wow! Your stats sound incredible, @SLPhopeful1! Thanks for starting this thread! I'm sure it will be my salvation as we all stress through the next few months together. This is my first time applying and I will be applying to UBC, Western, and Alberta. If I calculated it correctly, my subGPA is about 3.94 for ORPAS, though from what I could find, it looks like Alberta is more forgiving in their scaling, and by my best estimate I'm sitting at 3.98. My GRE quantitative score isn't where I'd like it to be, but I'm hoping the rest of my application will balance that out. I've been workin
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