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  1. Ah okay! That's reassuring, thanks a lot. Are you thinking of accepting the offer?
  2. That's awesome! Mine still says 'under review' and I don't see a letter. Did your application status change? I don't know if I'm being irrational but I'm nervous that my offer might be conditional, since I haven't graduated yet.
  3. @caitlouie @kshelton Congrats!!! I finally got into the Applicant Portal by using my email address instead of my CCID, thank you! I was very confused and called Vicki to confirm. U of A is my first choice so I will most likely be accepting but I'm also waiting to hear back from Dalhousie. It would be awesome if we all ended up in the same cohort!
  4. Hi guys, I also got an offer of admission from U of A today. For some reason, it says I am not authorized to log into the Applicant Portal. Does anyone else have this issue? I was shaking because it came so early and I didn't think I would get in this year. Good luck to everyone!!!
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