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  1. There are a lot of interviews going on in the department right now (for the Chair of the SLP department) and we got a new Associate Chair for Rehab Med just a few weeks ago, so that might be why.
  2. Last year I think I was in the first batch to hear back and that was on Feb. 25.
  3. Does anybody want to add me on Facebook so we can start a group for ualberta slp? Send me a message if you are interested. Edit: Group is live. Look for "University of Alberta Speech-Language Pathology - Class of 2020"
  4. Mine is March 21 as well, but I just figured that they needed processing time since I only accepted last week.
  5. Is anybody else for sure going to the U of A next year? I officially accepted my offer from them.
  6. Got an emailed acceptance to McGill this morning. However, I will be attending the U of A, so a spot should open up for someone on the waitlist.
  7. I mean it was $11000 for 4 semesters for two years, which is cheaper than my undergrad was. I know at the u of a you're automatically entered for scholarships when you apply, and a decent number go out for second years as well.
  8. I talked to someone at the u of a and it's more like 22000 for tuition for two years. He also said that most people in his cohort were accepted at the end of March, but the U of A does rolling acceptances
  9. Just from McGill but I feel almost certain that I'll go to the u of a. I applied to Western too but it was my last choice.
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