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  1. There are a lot of interviews going on in the department right now (for the Chair of the SLP department) and we got a new Associate Chair for Rehab Med just a few weeks ago, so that might be why.
  2. Last year I think I was in the first batch to hear back and that was on Feb. 25.
  3. Does anybody want to add me on Facebook so we can start a group for ualberta slp? Send me a message if you are interested. Edit: Group is live. Look for "University of Alberta Speech-Language Pathology - Class of 2020"
  4. Mine is March 21 as well, but I just figured that they needed processing time since I only accepted last week.
  5. Is anybody else for sure going to the U of A next year? I officially accepted my offer from them.
  6. Got an emailed acceptance to McGill this morning. However, I will be attending the U of A, so a spot should open up for someone on the waitlist.
  7. I mean it was $11000 for 4 semesters for two years, which is cheaper than my undergrad was. I know at the u of a you're automatically entered for scholarships when you apply, and a decent number go out for second years as well.
  8. I talked to someone at the u of a and it's more like 22000 for tuition for two years. He also said that most people in his cohort were accepted at the end of March, but the U of A does rolling acceptances
  9. Just from McGill but I feel almost certain that I'll go to the u of a. I applied to Western too but it was my last choice.
  10. Also, @cait2018 and I both got emails on the same day, but my acceptance on the portal happened two days after hers.
  11. Yes, the status changed from "under review" to "decision" and there is like a PDF download for an offer. I worried for no reason too, but if you think about it, the portal is like the official place for ALL of the grad students at the entire university. Because my official letter is from the Faculty of Graduate Studies and Research, not just from the SLP department. So I think that the SLP department inputted their acceptances in a certain order, but even if there was only a couple minutes in between, the Faculty of Graduate Studies might have had a bunch of acceptances from other departments
  12. I have lived in/just outside of Edmonton for my whole life. I attended the U of A for undergrad and will likely be returning for grad school. Although I am not the person to ask about the cost of living, I will answer any questions I can.
  13. My official acceptance to the U of A is now up on the portal. If you were notified by Vicki on Feb. 20, it might be up now. I think it just depends on what order they go into the system. You do get an email when there are new messages on your portal ( mine was to my ualberta email address).
  14. You could expand your essay by talking about extremes when it irresponsible to ignore negative actions (like if a criminal murders someone). Make sure you don't assume that this is talking only about students. Also, you should expand the section where you talk about why you agree with the first part of the recommendation.
  15. For those people panicking about not hearing from the U of A: 1. Make sure you're checking your ualberta email address if they gave you one (I don't know if they did since I did undergrad there so I had one already). 2. One of my friends who is in second year SLP at the U of A said that the majority of his cohort received acceptance in late March. So you still have an entire month!
  16. I know that this is like the opposite of a problem, but I'm actually finding it quite isolating to be accepted to a school so early. Normally I would share this news on Facebook and tell more of my Ling friends, but I know that like 97% of people are still waiting and I don't want to stress them out.
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