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  1. You're right, they have contacted me about clarifying some information... I guess I just panicked for a moment there thinking, what if. It's really not official, until it's official!
  2. For those who were accepted at McGill: Is anyone else worried that something might go wrong on the final approval? Is it really a decision-making process where they analyze the whole file, or is it just to confirm that all the documents are in order, and that the committee didn't miss something like not enough credits to graduate, etc? Has it ever happened that someone didn't make it the final approval? I just really want to have to confirmation!
  3. I received at call at 11:59 from McGill, I have been accepted! Just like the previous poster, I was coming to terms with being rejected, and this totally caught me off guard. I'm so excited!!
  4. Oops, wrong thread! This one is for the Master's in Speech-Language Pathology.
  5. Everyone I know who applied to McGill got their rejection letters today. The one I know that was accepted got a call last Thursday. I got neither... and my uApply status still says "in review". Neither accepted, nor rejected, nor waitlisted as of yet. Does this mean that they don't send the emails out all at once? What is happening!
  6. My classmate got accepted to McGill today.
  7. We (myself and two of my classmates) have received an email for an interview (MMI) at UOttawa. They are for next week! Omg, I can't believe this is happening, and now to prep!
  8. Nothing yet! But, I have a classmate from last year who is in her first year there. You get a phone call if you're accepted, and it should be within these next few weeks. If no phone call or email by the 15th, then you will get a rejection letter sometime between the 15th-20th. Unless you get waitlisted, then I'm not sure if you just get a letter or email at the same time as everyone else who was rejected.
  9. Has anyone heard back from UOttawa with a request for an interview?