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  1. First of all, a HUGE congrats to everyone on your acceptances!! I've been accepted to McGill, U of T, and Western! Like some of you, I really wasn't expecting to get in, let alone have a choice to make so I'm beyond thrilled!! I'm leaning towards U of T, but for those of you who have already made your decisions, I'm curious as to why! Why is U of T (or any of the others) your top choice? Congrats again everyone!
  2. I'm wondering the same thing! I assume that the final approval is more a formality than anything, otherwise why would they have sent out the acceptances? Right? That's how I'm looking at it anyway. Hopefully the official acceptance letters will come soon!!!
  3. I was accepted, but my uapply still says in review!
  4. I don't think they have started yet - at least as far as I know. According to the results page, a bunch of people were accepted on March 9th last year. It seems they make calls over the course of a few days, usually around the 10th or so, so perhaps they're going to start next week. Who knows though!
  5. I haven't gotten any acknowledgement from either! I wonder, do they usually send acknowledgment emails?
  6. Congrats everyone!! I also got an email inviting me to come for the interview, BUT sadly I won't be able to attend as I'm overseas. Hopefully this will free up a spot for someone
  7. Actually ignore my previous post - I just checked ORPAS, and the subGPA has indeed been calculated. It's listed under 'Document Tracking'!
  8. I hope so! I was also wondering when we'd hear from ORPAS! In previous years, it sounds like they sent subGPA calculations out in early February. Hopefully we'll hear something soon - this waiting game is the worst!
  9. I was going to ask about this! Does anyone have any idea whether or not we'll receive an email from Western (or U of T for that matter) acknowledging our application? I received one from McMaster, but that's it. It'd be nice to have some confirmation from the universities that they have received our applications.
  10. This is a good dose of reality and some good advice. I'm also curious as to whether or not you received any feedback about your application. Or just if you have any idea why you didn't get in. It sounds like you have an amazing application!
  11. I think once you click 'submit' on your application, you're then taken to a page and prompted to upload your CV and unofficial transcripts. This is based on information from past threads in this forum, so I'm not 100% sure, but it does makes sense as there's no where to upload it with the application! It wouldn't hurt to email them to confirm, just in case
  12. I know - a huge difference between 3000 words and 3000 characters, right? I'm having trouble condensing mine down to fit the limit! How is everyone else doing with the letters of intent?
  13. Hi JessieBear, The limit is 3000 characters, not 3000 words - a very big difference!!! I actually assumed 3000 words when I first looked at it too. That probably answers your question
  14. Hey JessieBear, I think admission to McMaster is based solely on grades and the MMI interview. Quite different from the other programs! This is from their site: "Applicants who are academically eligible will be ranked on the basis of their pre-admission GPA. The top-ranked (approximately 125) applicants will be invited to participate in a minimultiple interview (MMI). Final offers of admission will be based on pre-admission GPA (50%) and MMI score (50%)." To answer your question about shadowing, I'll have about 70 or so hours (although I'm hoping for more) of SLP specific volunteering/shadowing by the time I apply.
  15. Very exciting about the new program at McMaster! It's nice to have another program in the mix. Most of the knowledge I have about how competitive the programs are comes from reading discussions on this board from previous years, and wow, its intimidating! From what I've read, it seems a lot of the schools have a sort of cut off sub-GPA. I think it depends on the school, the year, and pool of applicants, but it looks like a lot of people who are accepted have sub-GPAs in the 3.8-4.0 range. This is just based on what I've read. If they're saying the competitive average is 90%, that doesn't necessarily mean you'll get in if you have around 90%. It just gives you an indication of the grades you need to have to be competitive against the other applicants - to have a chance of getting in!