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  1. Hey! Did you end up getting into Ottawa SLP?  If so, around what date did they contact you to get off the waiting list? Thanks!

  2. papillonbleu22

    2017 Canadian Application Thread!

    Also, does anyone know how waiting lists for SLP programs work? Is there such a thing as a yield percentage they need to respect, i.e accepting more students than they think will actually enroll? Given how competitive these programs are though, I can't help but feel like the number of students accepted corresponds to the exact number of places available, and that they then go straight to the waiting list when someone declines an acceptance. What do you guys think? Any information would be greatly appreciated!
  3. papillonbleu22

    2017 Canadian Application Thread!

    I figured I'd post this a second time around since I haven't heard back from anyone yet... Anyone out there accepted to Ottawa who's planning on declining their offer? Thanks A LOT for letting me know!
  4. papillonbleu22

    2017 Canadian Application Thread!

    I sent you a PM.
  5. papillonbleu22

    2017 Canadian Application Thread!

    Anyone out there accepted to Ottawa who's planning on declining their offer? Thanks A LOT for letting me know!
  6. Hi GC03, I just stumbled on this post. It's too bad you weren't able to get the advice you were looking for at the time. Although it's been a while since you posted this, I'm curious... What did you end up doing? I'm actually in a very similar situation as the one you described here. I would love to get some advice from you. I hope you're still out there! Thanks!
  7. papillonbleu22

    2015 Canadian SLP Thread!

    Thanks a lot for your advice! I'll definitely keep it in mind for tomorrow. Best of luck with all your applications!
  8. papillonbleu22

    2015 Canadian SLP Thread!

    Hi all, Did anyone here have their MMI interview at UofO (Ottawa) this Monday or Tuesday (today)? Mine is tomorrow and I was just wondering if someone could offer some "non-confidential" tips on their experience. Thanks in advance!
  9. papillonbleu22

    2015 Canadian SLP Thread!

    Hi there, I worked as a research assistant for the SCSD at Beatty Hall last year. They were going through their move/transition during May/June and were set up in their new location by July/August (2014). They're now located at 2001 McGill College. I've been to the new site a couple of times and can say it's definitely a lot better than the old one..! Granted, it doesn't have as much "charm" as BH, but its accessibility and AC (!) make it pretty great! It's located in a financial area/building, while also being not too far from campus. You can get off at the "McGill College" exit, at McGill metro, and walk less than five minutes to get to the building! The whole eight floor is SCSD. It's modern and very office-like lol... I've seen more of the "research" side of it and less of the "school" side of it though. Best of luck with your applications!
  10. papillonbleu22

    2015 Canadian SLP Thread!

    Hi all, I'm curious about SAM. I was told it's the messaging tool used for the ORPAS application. The thing is... I'm not even sure where to find it... Does anyone know how it works or what it's used for? Is it true you can only access it after submitting your application? Thank you all for your information!
  11. papillonbleu22

    2015 Canadian SLP Thread!

    Thank you for letting me know about the e-mail address! I e-mailed them today and got an answer within less than two hours! You were right! The question refers to how many years it took to complete the degree.
  12. papillonbleu22

    2015 Canadian SLP Thread!

    Hi all, Does anyone know how to get in touch with ORPAS to ask them a question regarding your application? Is reaching them by telephone really the only way? I heard of a messaging tool called “SAM”, but I’m having trouble finding/accessing it on their website. In the mean-time, I was wondering if someone could maybe answer my question here..! I’m not sure how to answer this question in the “Academic History” section; “Type of degree: Less than a year, Summer, Exchange, 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, Graduate level”. I’m from Quebec and have never really heard of an undergraduate degree being ranked by a number… Thank you in advance!
  13. papillonbleu22

    2015 Canadian SLP Thread!

    Hi all, I'm new to this thread and looking for some helpful tips! Would anyone have some information to offer regarding the Ottawa program? It would be greatly appreciated! They recently changed their admissions process and I was wondering if anyone here already applied there or knows someone who did. I'd just really like to get an idea of what my chances are for this particular program (since I haven't been able to find much information about it so far...) Any other people out there thinking of applying to French programs? Thanks in advance!
  14. papillonbleu22

    McGill MEd Educational Psychology

    Alright, thank you. Can I ask how and where you found this information? My issue is that I applied to this program as a second choice/Plan B. Unfortunately, I didn't get accepted into my top-choice programs. I know it's silly, but I don't really know much about this program and what it can really offer upon graduation (as in employment potential), and, I have to admit, it's making me a little worried... I'm open to all responses and suggestions! Thanks!
  15. papillonbleu22

    Canadian 2014 SLP

    Hi all, I need someone's advice (please)... I'll be completing my undergraduate degree (in Psychology) this semester (Winter 2014). I've been accepted to an unrelated SLP Canadian Master's program (starting in Fall 2014). The thing is, I have almost all the prerequisite courses needed to apply to the SLP program at University of Ottawa, except for one. Since my chances of getting accepted aren't that high, I'd still like to enroll in the Master's program I've already been accepted to as a "safety". But, I was wondering... Do you think it would be possible for me to apply to UofO this year (for Fall 2015 admission) while already being enrolled in this Master's program? At that point, I'll have barely completed my first semester. Then, if I would get accepted at UofO, I would leave that program and take the prerequisite course I'm missing in Winter 2015 as an independent student somewhere... I feel like this is not exactly "legal", if that makes any sense... Thanks for your help!

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