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  1. Thanks! I love your advice, very clear and sensible, making me feel a little better. Really appreciate it!
  2. Thanks fuzzylogician. What you said really makes sense. Now I'm wondering if I should send the program director another email since my last inquiry email was sent to her on April 2. I want to know how many people are still ahead of me on their waitlist and if they are still waiting for someone to accept or reject their offer. If yes, how many people are still being waited for responses? And what is the response deadline for those applicants? Waiting on the waitlist without much detail is painful and unhealthy. I just want know more about my chance. Will my questions and timing sound reasonable if I send the director an email next Monday? Thank you!
  3. Your situation is actually better than mine. I don't even know whether they will accept me in the first place. My question is in what situation they will give me the admission. Is it when they find funding (assuming they are actually looking for more funding)? Or is it when somebody rejects their offer (which seems less and less likely now)?
  4. A few weeks ago, one PhD program I am applying to told me that right now they don't have an open position for me but I'm a highly ranked applicant. They also told me that they are still looking for funding and once there is change of my status, they will let me know. Is this just another way saying that I'm on their wait-list? The director of the committee replied to me that my chance will possibly materialize after April 15th. Does it mean anything? Any thoughts guys? Thank you very much!
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    what ride?
  6. I want to post something in the Blog section, but I don't know how. It seems I can only post in the Forum section. Thanks! Guo Guo
  7. Hi there, Which graduate schools have the best PhD programs in education and gamification or educational games? Anybody knows? I'm interested in combining foreign language education and games or game mechanics. Thanks for your answers in advance! Guo Guo

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