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  1. Congratulations! Me too! I will be declining my offer from UofT so hopefully, that helps someone else!
  2. Sounds like you’ve done a lot of research work and that’s amazing! It’s not an easy feat at all! Grad schools tend to look at applicants holistically so your experience can still help you stand out. As you work on your grades (aim for a 3.6+ subGPA), try to maintain your connections and gradually decrease your involvement in extracurriculars. I know this is easier said than done but I’m sure you’ll find a way to make it work. You might also want to address the weakest part of your application on your letter of intent. Be wise, truthful and succinct with your response and reassure the
  3. Hey, I feel you! U of T is asking me to retake physiology and unfortunately, my university is not offering it this summer. I also looked into Athabasca but I don’t think I would have enough time to complete their full year course in 3 months given the current pandemic situation and the time needed to schedule test dates with a proctor. At this point, I’d rather go to western university! It was my first choice and I heard lots of amazing things about their program from seasoned SLP business owners and clinical supervisors. Apparently, I’m in the top first quadrant of the waiting list so I think
  4. Congratulations to those of you who got accepted! I got into U of T & patiently waiting the details of my offer of admission ☺️ If you didn’t get in this year, I know it’s disheartening but I hope you can find some ways to feel encouraged! Use this time to work on your application & Keep pushing! Your time will come 💚
  5. I think cGPA can be telling of intellectual abilities. However, I feel like subGPA holds more weight because it usually represent advanced level courses. Also, I’ve heard Graduate schools are more lenient with poor 1st - 2nd year marks so if you can maintain stellar grades during your senior years, that would be ideal!
  6. I think so! ORPAS will request the transcript directly from your school. Just make sure all of your tuition is paid off by Jan 4th so your transcript request can be processed.
  7. I think so! ORPAS will request the transcript directly from your school. Just make sure all of your tuition is paid off by Jan 4th so your transcript request can be processed.
  8. Hi everybody! I’m sending my application to UofT, Western, and McMaster. I am majoring in Cognitive science and I have extensive volunteer experience with multiple populations in varying settings (school, clinic, hospital, community centers, summer camp). I also worked with underserved communities abroad and I’m leading an academic club on campus. Additionally, I have a strong research background in a cognitive neuroscience lab as a project leader. I’ve been blessed with amazing professors who have been supporting me for years so I’m sure they will vouch for me. With regards to cli
  9. They only look at your bachelors GPA but your MA would definitely strengthen your application
  10. Long-time lurker here! It’s that time of the year again! Who wants to start sharing their stats? ??
  11. It is time for a new thread! Old and new Canadian SLP applicants are welcome! I've seen harsh rejections here (long-time lurker) and in real life. Always looking out for tips from my #SLPtobe friends. It is a mystery how the admission committee chooses who is best suited in the field....*sigh* Now that grad applications are fast approaching (5 months), I'm trying to remain strategic so I can achieve everything - marks, references (both academic and clinical), research experience... and it is driving me insane! Probably dealing with a bad case of spotlight effect (in a popular lab in my
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