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  1. Hey everyone! I am deciding between the university of Toronto and western. I am really stuck as to which to pick. If any of you could give me your reasoning for picking either of the schools that would be great!!
  2. My subGPA was a 3.75 last year and I did not get an invite to the MMI for McMaster but I was waitlisted for one (ultimately didn't get off the waitlist). This year my subGPA is an 3.85 and I did get an offer. I think for the bottom applicants of the top 126 they take more into consideration than just your subGPA
  3. Hello everyone! Just wondering if someone could help me out with a problem I am having! I am currently taking a course at the university of Alberta. I am applying through ORPAS and I am not sure how I request Alberta to send over my transcript? Anyone know??
  4. Has anyone in the second quadrant on the western waitlist been offered a spot?
  5. Hey! Did you email Janet?! I was also waitlisted and would like to know! Thanks
  6. Hey! I am also on the waitlist and was wondering if this was sent after the email that said we would be contacted by March 5 at midnight?
  7. Hey everyone! Just got waitlisted for an MMI interview at McMasters. Does anyone know how common it is to actually get a interview off the waitlist? In past years have people who got interviews actually cancelled? Please let me know!!
  8. Hey everyone, Sub-GPA is 3.75! I think I have an ok amount of volunteer experience in research, retirement homes, speech clinics, mental health inpatient units, soccer coach, peer leader volunteer, and teacher. I have worked with a whole spectrum of people and I have racked up over 200 hours of volunteering. I just wanted to say good luck to everyone. I have definitely been compulsively checking my email and ORPAS for the past week even though I know I won't be getting a response until March (interviews for mcmaster) and April (for western). I am having doubts of if I will even be gettin
  9. Hi everyone! I am just wondering if anyone knows what to do in the case that ORPAS status on transcript is "Not Found"?
  10. Hey @19SPEECHIE i am applying to Western this year and am supper nervous! I as just wondering if you could answer some questions for me about the application process and letter of intent! Please let me know
  11. Hey! I am applying to Western this year and would love to ask you some questions about the application process! DM me if you can
  12. Hello! I would love to ask you some questions about the application process! I am applying Dec 2019 (soon)
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