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  1. Current UBC SLP student here; I can’t speak for the audiology students, clearly, but based on my interactions with them I would say this is not the shared general opinion about the program. Personally, the instructors I’ve had for my audiology courses have all been very knowledgeable about the field and passionate about student success. It’s totally possible that you may have less-than-positive interactions with faculty at some point or another, but I don’t think it’s fair to characterize them as disorganized and ineffective as a whole. I feel like on a forum like this one, a vague warni
  2. Hi! I was a research assistant for two years and my lab director was also my thesis supervisor, so I basically operated out of the lab doing my own (supervised) research. No published papers but I did present my research at a few local conferences. I also knew UBC cared a lot about research while I was applying, so I made it the focus of my letter of intent! I think even if you don’t have a ton of research experience, highlighting in your LOI that you’re interested in pursuing specific research interests would be super beneficial! :)
  3. Officially accepted my offer to UBC!!! I would love to connect with anyone else who's planning on accepting their offer!
  4. Hey, I was accepted at UBC and I did have all the prereqs done ahead of time. I know some schools prefer applicants who have the prereqs completed (UofA comes to mind), but I haven't heard anything about UBC using that as a deciding factor- I could very well be wrong, though! On their website they say: Demonstrating that you will complete all the prerequisites prior to entry in September (i.e., you may be currently registered for some prerequisites or planning to take some over the summer) will considerably enhance your chances of being offered admission to the M.Sc. program. Applicants
  5. Just declined my offers to Western and Dalhousie. Likely also going to decline my UofA offer in the next few days!
  6. If there's anyone currently in the the SLP program at UBC who happens to be hanging out on this forum, would you be able to DM me? I have a few questions about the program!!
  7. Just got an acceptance from UBC! Over the moon!!!!
  8. I haven't received an official letter yet either! Since UofA's date to accept/reject an offer by is later than the other schools maybe they're not too worried about getting them done right away? Either way, it would definitely be nice to have, just for the peace of mind!
  9. I know!!! It must be coming soon though, considering some of the other schools' decisions are due in just a few weeks! Have you applied anywhere else?
  10. I haven't 😕 hopefully we get some kind of news tomorrow.
  11. I'll be giving up my acceptances to Dalhousie and Western- good luck to everyone on the waitlist, sending positive vibes your way!
  12. Has anyone heard anything from UBC yet? I'm really hoping today's the day they start contacting people!!!
  13. I was accepted to Western but I'll be giving up my spot! Congrats to everyone who was accepted and good luck to everyone on the waitlist!!!
  14. Just got an email acceptance from Dalhousie as well!
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