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  1. Hi! No idea about how many go onto the waitlist, but I know there are between 25 and 30 in the class!
  2. It's possible they just have a standard letter of admission and that's why that condition is being stated even though you've already achieved that?
  3. Hi friends! People who are rejecting their offers should remember to post in this group too so that people on waitlists can track the progress!
  4. I shadowed an S-LP who graduated from DAL about 6 years ago, and she said that she was exempt from Phonetics for having taken the course during undergrad. That was a while ago obviously, so I don't know if that's still the case, but there's definitely a history of it!
  5. Yeah let me know! And actually, Dal is one of the smallest programs, with about 30 students! I guess just a weird proportion of us have found this site!
  6. I tried to look into funding options a few days ago, and it seems like they're pretty limited for non-thesis students (I'm in the same situation as you). Apparently there are also merit-based scholarships awarded after the first year of the program, but I am not sure how much those are for (not to mention that banking on having one of the top five GPAs in the program sounds stressful as heck)
  7. Hi everyone! Just discovered this page last week and i'm not sure if it's been helpful or made me crazier. Anyway, I applied only to Dal, because I only switched into Linguistics in third year and did not have time to take the necessary prereqs for other Cdn schools. Yesterday I emailed to ask when we would hear back, as I have a job offer for the fall that I wasn't sure what to do about. Marion got back to me and said they had JUST submitted their decisions to her, and let me know that I'm in! Yay! So I imagine they will be contacting people tomorrow or Friday with their unofficial offers! Go
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