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  1. Got lazy to check this site. Hope we all hear some great news in 2019!
  2. Yup, I've also heard that. So I'm taking PSU as a rejection by 99.9999 percent And for the reference, I was talking of Ohio! Sorry for not being clear on that
  3. GaTech is insanely slow with the process... the POI isn't even looking at my letters now. Guess I'll just have to take that as a rejection. Penn State is also silent these days. Those two are basically the schools I'm still waiting with no response. If I don't hear back from them until this Friday, I guess I'll have to go with OSU.
  4. I haven’t received anything... but GaTech does have a history of sending out late rejections (late April) according to the thread, so I believe they might have said it correctly. It could be possible that our specific major of intent is different
  5. I’m back to share my story for future ref.! I’ve got a full ride with TAship from the school. I’ve contacted with the Head of Dept. directly and kept contact. Keep up the hope anonymous-reader.
  6. I've called GaTech's EAS admission office and they said that they've already sent out admission to <10% of the applicants this year. Which means that it's highly possible to receive a rejection if you haven't gotten a notification from the school already. The staff mentioned that rejections will most likely be sent out to applicants by late April.
  7. @amayadoli Thanks! I guess I’ll have to talk with the faculty and attending students about this issue. Meanwhile, fingers crossed for a full ride!
  8. Wow already a week has passed since I've written that reply. Did anyone get some good news? I've contacted my POI about a week ago and am planning to send one more reminder today.
  9. Hello, I've been accepted to OSU (Ohio) and am still waiting for funding to come through. The dean is really nice and trying his best to keep me updated on TA/RA decisions rolling out, but seems like this year was really competitive and not many are willing to give up their current ground. My POI did her best to get me admitted and funded, but guess my international degree (though I hold a citizenship) might have compensated such efforts in a negative way. I'm still in the pool waiting for funding, but can't stop to imagine the worst scenario. I have some schools wait listed... but... I think
  10. @LolJustAdmitMe I feel you... This waiting game is soooo long. When will I be put out of misery
  11. Haha I disagree with you having to be embarrassed by that. I bet a lot of ppl are on the same boat :-D
  12. Wow I'm getting nothing back from GaTech's department office haha. I'm seriously thinking of calling them for further information.
  13. Ay.... Similar field of interest. I study marine geology. I'm sick and tired of talking to my friends about this issue... it feels like I'm verbally harassing them because I talk about it so much! I don't know... maybe I'll call the admissions office to ask about when the decisions will be finalized... I... really have no idea *sobs*
  14. Takes them forever to process admissions LOL Hope good news finds you :-D
  15. Hmmm have you been admitted to that program?
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