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  1. It varies between schools and programs. In previous cycles, the ESS interview invitations were sent out during the last 2 weeks of January. The invite on the results page was just a heads up from that person's potential advisor; found here.
  2. Hi all! I just wanted to remind everyone that this topic is not only for app profiles. If you haven't already, please create a free account and keep everyone updated on interview dates, acceptances/rejections, and any other questions you may have about the grad school application process. My aim is for this thread to be similar to the 2016 cycle for Earth Sciences and the 2018 cycle for biology. The 2017 Earth Sciences thread was deleted last year following the suspension of the author. This, unfortunately, has left us with outdated information regarding program deadlines, interviews, and deci
  3. Graduate & Undergrad Institution: State university Degree: MS in Biology GPA: 3.92 (1 B in final semester) Degree: BS in Biology, minor in Chemistry GPA: 3.12 (Strong upward trend)Type of Student: First generation, domestic, white maleGRE Scores: low and did not retake due to teaching, research, and coursework. If you're worried about your GRE score: (1) more schools are beginning to take a holistic approach to reviewing apps. (2) some programs are eliminating the GRE requirement altogether. See some of the articles below regarding this topic. Check out the link to an article from the
  4. The 2018 application cycle is well underway, so I figured I'd start a topic by copying the format from the biology section. Use the following template to enter your information, before and after you obtain your results, and remember to submit your results at the end of the cycle for posterity and to help the next cohort of applicants HERE. SOP checks, LOR questions, interview/acceptance/rejection releases... Any and All questions are welcome! You got this CHAMP! https://youtu.be/_DRnSZhhgA8 Below are some useful links: Ask questions about the PhD application process! 2017
  5. After not hearing anything back from my top school choice, I'm trying to determine what area of my application could use some work. The only potential problem I could see would be with my statement of purpose, specifically my research interests and why I want to go to that school. I'm interested in studying microbial life of extreme environments, and how that could relate to the environments of other planets. This is quite vague, so I chose 1-2 professors whose research I was interested in (specifically one at this school). I read his most recent publications and gave a 1-2 sentence summar
  6. They're contacting applicants this week about interviews.
  7. Has anyone heard back from the University of Washington's Microbiology program yet? They sent out interview emails on Jan. 7th last year and Jan. 9th the year before.
  8. Thanks guys! You kind of summed up what my advisor told me, and that makes me feel a lot better. I went deep into the details of my research because my advisor believes that showing competence in your work is the most superior aspect of the SOP. Paraphrasing him: he would want to see that someone understands what they're doing in lab (techniques) and why its being done. By going into immense detail you will show the connection between certain techniques in relation to your research.
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