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  1. lmb123

    Updating my CV

    I second the advice from @StemCellFan. For each of my research experiences, I included two bullets: one describing the project in one sentence, then one describing the general approach taken (e.g. techniques used). Also, I would include publications you have in any state, under review, submitted etc.
  2. I've never heard of any schools that strictly reject based on numbers alone (like the automated kind I've heard about for med schools). I think you might as well apply!
  3. @GingerNeuro, it's hard to tell if going to others in your dept/school/program is the right step - but if you do decide to bring the issue up, I would focus on the fact that you are not being given a project that you can work on start-to-finish. Whether or not your PI gets to assign projects may be up for debate, but you definitely should not just be analyzing data produced by others on projects that are not your own. I wouldn't focus on whether or not you are interested in the projects you're working on, but rather that you are not being given the opportunity to produce your own data.
  4. This seems to me like a good group of schools to add to diversify your list!
  5. I wouldn't be too concerned about not having a publication from your postbac work yet - just be able to explain in your essays what you have been working on/your exact role in the project/the broader significance of the work. I think your list is good, maybe a little long. I think making sure there are several PIs that you would want to work with is a good way to weed out a few. But if you can afford the apps and have the time, then go for it.
  6. I think you're aiming high, and at the very least need to diversify your list to include some schools where you can be more confident that you have a shot at admission. I would recommend applying to at least 5 schools. Without knowing the area you're interested in doing research it's hard to make recommendations, but I'm sure if you add more schools you're interested in to your list, then people here can give you more feedback.
  7. I agree with @BabyScientist that you should add some safer schools/schools you haven't previously declined admission to (maybe also consider UMass Amherst, Stony Brook). I think there's a good chance schools will notice you're reapplying and view this negatively, so I would make sure you have enough schools on your list that you haven't applied to before.
  8. I think if you break 160+, you will have a shot at the schools listed, but I would also add some schools that are slightly less competitive.
  9. If I'm reading this correctly, it seems like your overall GPA for undergrad is a 3.6 and your GRE scores are above the 90th percentile. Of course keep a range of schools in mind, but I don't think a 3.6 GPA will be a real hindrance, and it will definitely not get you screened out of top schools (I know from experience). Once you look through possible PIs at different schools, we get let you know if you have the right balance of schools on your list.
  10. I think you generally check the boxes of what is necessary to be considered for these programs (with the caveat that you need to clear the ~80th-ish percentile on your GRE). I think it will largely come down to how well you can write and talk about your research and your letters of recommendation. You want to make sure you pick people to write letters who know your research skills and will write you a glowing letter. You also want to make sure that your essay(s) make it clear that you understand the broad goals of your project, how the experiments you did fit into the big picture, and that you
  11. If you're looking for cheaper housing, it may be worthwhile to look in Allston. It's about the same distance from Harvard (2-3 miles), and is considerably cheaper than Cambridge. You should be able to find a studio for $1500 in Allston; in Cambridge, I'd say it'll be closer to $1800. As for sharing space, even splitting a two bedroom could bring your monthly cost down below $1000 in Allston.
  12. If you are looking to live in the area around BC, you shouldn't have too much trouble finding somewhere with street parking. You'll need to pay to register your car, but the cost is something like $50. I'd say $1450-1550 for a studio is about what you should expect (if you're looking near BC/Allston/Brighton) - if you want something cheaper than that, you will need to share a larger space with roommates. Most places that you are renting from the landlord directly (a studio), you will need 3 months rent up front (first/last/security), though some will only need 2 months. If you're moving
  13. I really wouldn't bother. I also went back and forth about whether or not to take it again - I had 164 V/163 Q and I ended up being totally fine (got into Harvard BBS and almost everywhere I applied). Spend your time on your Statement of Purpose, researching schools etc (or relaxing!), and cross the GRE off your list of things to worry about.
  14. I didn't email any PIs before interviewing. Though I did research the faculty at each school pretty thoroughly so I could mention in my SOP who I might want to work with/tie it into my previous research.
  15. I don't think your GPA is low enough to really hold you back. I had a similar GPA from what I think is a comparable university, but also had a lot of the same compensating factors you have (similar GRE scores, publications, two years post-grad experience) and I was competitive applying to the kinds of programs you're considering. My advice would be to have as many people as you can (PI, career development office at Columbia and McGill, etc.) read your SOP to make sure your descriptions of your research are coming off clearly and show you have a good grasp of the projects you've contribut
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