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  1. Ah, that makes me feel better. Thanks for the insight, and congratulations on your acceptances and interviews! Wow, notification a week before interview weekend is crazy! That would make me incredibly nervous for flights, etc. Good luck with the phone interview, regardless
  2. Yes, they did, a little over a month ago. That's actually a really good likely/possible scenario that I hadn't thought about; thanks!
  3. Interview Attire?

    I would say I've heard/read more votes for "business casual" than I have for "definitely wear a full suit," but it probably depends on lots of variables such as which school and which program. Personally, I have an interview for a counseling psych program and I'll shoot for somewhere between business casual and full suit (currently I am thinking a black formal blazer, colored blouse, formal trousers that aren't black, a necklace, and black office-appropriate ankle boots). I had previously tried pairing black trousers with that outfit to make it "more formal," but then I felt like everything was too dark (blazer + trousers + shoes) and it felt too dull for me. I'd say take all of the advice you've read into account, but definitely wear something that won't hinder you from being/feeling like yourself at the interview!
  4. Well I would gain knowledge that would quell the anxiety that comes with limbo. But I know you're right. I guess I just needed someone to confirm that asking would be a bad idea. It's my first round of applications; I suppose I wasn't prepared for time to feel like it's moving so slowly, and I'm losing my mind a little, haha. Thanks!
  5. It's been over a month since I've heard anything regarding the University of Michigan's Clinical Science program. Last year, it seems they sent out rejections around the 16th-17th of January, and it's hard to determine when they sent out interview invites. Interview/"recruitment" weekend this year is Feb 16-17. Would it be appropriate to email the admissions chair at this point to ask if interview invites have been sent out? Or should I just bite my tongue and wait? I feel like I'm contemplating poking the beast and I don't know what's in my best interest here.
  6. Keep a Word, Drop a Word

    blank space
  7. Fall 2018 Clinical Psych Interview Invites

    Okay, I haven't seen anything about Ann Arbor in the results page either, but wanted to make sure. Thanks! Also - would you mind DM'ing me your POI for UIUC? I applied there as well and haven't heard anything at all from them. Did you apply for clinical or counseling psych there? You've seen entries for UMich Ann Arbor on the results page for this year? I must have missed them; do you remember how long ago they were posted? Were they for clinical science/psychology? I do remember seeing posts for other areas of psych, but not clinical science. Sorry this sounds like I'm hounding you; I'm just so incredibly anxious! I've gotten nothing but radio silence from UIUC as well. I think that based on the results page from last year, they inform towards the end of January, so perhaps there's still hope?
  8. Fall 2018 Clinical Psych Interview Invites

    Could you tell me where you heard that people got on-campus interviews for UMich? I had a Skype interview a month ago and haven't heard since then..
  9. PhD Fall 2018 Applicants

    Their webpage does say that they send out acceptances and rejections at the same time in late February/early March. I wonder if in between, they leave people in limbo just in case they need/want to do additional interviews? Seems kind of cruel not to inform at least the people who completed the phone interview though. I'm sorry
  10. PhD Fall 2018 Applicants

    Hello, the waitlist post wasn't me, but I am inclined to say that all of the invites for the formal on-campus interview have been sent out, as they are currently in the process of assigning housing/student hosts for Interview Day.
  11. Let’s just TALK about it...

    I'm in this exact same boat; I feel like I'm drowning in all of the anxiety surrounding having just one interview. One one hand, I feel bad complaining because I do have an interview, and it's for one of my top programs, and I'm truly excited to have gotten this far.... on the other hand, I'm worried sick about what it means if I don't hear from any other schools and it feels like I'm putting all of my eggs in one basket. I'm not much of a gambler. This sucks
  12. PhD Fall 2018 Applicants

    Hello! I'm not really sure how Chemistry and Bio programs work; this is the Psychology thread! You might get better answers here: But in general I'm inclined to say that it's still early in the admissions process, so don't give up hope yet!
  13. I wouldn't ask directly, like "why am I interviewing with you?" because that would probably look bad. But you can ask in more subtle, roundabout ways by asking questions like: - Do students get accepted to the program in general and then do rounds to choose faculty advisors, or are they admitted under specific faculty from the beginning? - Are there opportunities for collaboration across faculty? Across students? - How often (if at all) do students work with more than one faculty member? - (To faculty member): I've noticed your recent grants and publications are (x, y, z). Where do you see your research going over the next few years? I think these questions will likely lead to answers that will give you a better idea of what they're thinking without you having to ask directly or making assumptions. And you can ask followup questions based on what they tell you.
  14. Keep a Word, Drop a Word

    center stage
  15. PhD Fall 2018 Applicants

    The one you didn't hear back from didn't happen to be UMich-Ann Arbor, did it? I'm kind of in the same boat here.