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  1. pataka

    Keep a Word, Drop a Word

    steam boat
  2. pataka

    PhD Final Decision Thread Fall 2018

    UMD-College Park for Counseling Psychology! It's my top choice and also the only place I got an offer from so I guess it worked out :-)
  3. pataka

    Let’s just TALK about it...

    This is the most likely situation; however, this is not what happened with me. Due to time constraints and potentially some funding issues my advisor did not extend an offer to anyone in the first round, and I got the offer after everything was straightened out.
  4. pataka

    Let’s just TALK about it...

    YOU GUYS. I GOT IN!!! I was sitting on 5 rejections and 1 waitlist (for my top choice school) with very little communication about what was happening with the adcomm. I got a phone call from my POI today and they said I was their first choice (they did not extend an offer to anyone else) and that the reason for the delay/waitlist was that they had a lot to figure out internally. I'm still waiting on the official letter with the funding offer, but I'm so excited, and relieved, and a little bit in shock. This late in the game, I had more than prepared myself for applying again next year. Holy wow. This thread was a life-saver for me throughout the wait process; I appreciate it so much.
  5. pataka

    Fall 2018 Psych PhD Interviews (not clinical)

    I'm so sorry Cindy I still haven't heard anything from my POI from my interview that was at the beginning of Feb. One person from my interview cohort messaged me to say they received an offer and I am still in limbo so I don't know how to feel about that. This school is my last chance so I'm prepping my list for next year's apps too. Also finding it hard to find motivation because of the sadness. I'm hoping it will get better. Hang in there <3
  6. pataka

    Keep a Word, Drop a Word

    hazard pay
  7. pataka

    Keep a Word, Drop a Word

    behavior therapy
  8. pataka

    Let’s just TALK about it...

    Didn't you just post this in another thread like yesterday? Maybe it was because you already said the first POI was a better fit so why would she bother interviewing you. Maybe other people didn't list more than one potential PI on their application so it wasn't even a question. Did you follow up with the first POI to let her know you think she is the best fit for you, after meeting the second person?
  9. pataka

    Keep a Word, Drop a Word

    bee keeping
  10. pataka

    Keep a Word, Drop a Word

    super suit
  11. pataka

    Should I reach out again?

    I'm sorry you're going through the same thing, but it's nice for me to know that this incredibly stretched-out timing situation is apparently not abnormal. Here's hoping we hear good news soon!
  12. pataka

    Keep a Word, Drop a Word

    bunk bed
  13. pataka

    Should I reach out again?

    Thanks, friend. It's good to be reminded we are all in this together.
  14. pataka

    Should I reach out again?

    That's a good point - I probably won't get a response so what's the point of bugging them again. I haven't heard of anyone getting acceptances or rejections at this point, but I've only maintained contact with a couple of the applicants in my interview cohort so there's still technically the possibility that I haven't heard because I'm not in contact with the others? That might be a stretch, though. I am very much in the dark. Thanks for the solidarity. I'm just telling myself April has to come eventually
  15. pataka

    Should I reach out again?

    4.5 weeks ago, I attended the in-person interview. They said they should have decisions in a week or two. 3 weeks ago, my POI reached out via email to say that they wanted to update me that the adcomm was "nearing admissions decisions" and they wanted to know how I was feeling about the school. I replied enthusiastically and didn't get a response. 2 weeks ago, I followed up to clarify/reiterate my interest in the program and didn't get a response. So now, should I reach out again? Or should I continue to sit tight? Should I assume I'll be getting a rejection? I can't tell at this point if I'm justified in my frustration or if I'm being impatient. Or both. What do I doooooo

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