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  1. bleepfrog

    My advisor is ghosting me?

    Thanks for your responses! I should have clarified- I am asking my advisor about registration because he told me to. Edit: I’m sure things work differently in different fields, so I’ll also clarify that I’m going into a theatre program.
  2. bleepfrog

    My advisor is ghosting me?

    So I was accepted to my top choice MA program in early April, and I reached out promptly to my assigned advisor to ask about next steps (registration, etc.). There was a tragedy in the department (sudden death of a faculty member) that delayed his initial response, which I completely understood. However, it has been a month since I replied to set up a meeting and I have received no further communication. I’ve attempted to follow up twice, but have heard nothing. Additionally, I am still waiting to hear from the school about GA positions I applied for (deadline for those was 4/15). I really would like to get everything settled financially and with my advisor as soon as I can, and the lack of communication is really beginning to worry me. Any recommendations as to when I should reach out again/how to proceed? Reassurances that they haven’t changed their mind (just kidding... sort of)? Many thanks!
  3. bleepfrog

    Moving States

    We're in similar boats! I'll be driving from Florida to the Midwest with my cat, so I'm also looking for advice, haha. My undergrad school was about 12 hours away from home, though, and during my senior year I made quite a few trips home and back with my cat (I've also made the drive with two cats, but the process has been similar for both). She's generally good in the car, so I don't know how much help it'll be, but here's what I did: Before making the long trip for the first time, I started driving her around town for short spurts. I don't know how much it helped, but it seemed to make her more comfortable when it came time for the real deal. I find that cats don't really feel like eating or drinking on the road. I always have food and water with me in case (as well as an accessible litter box), but I rarely end up needing them. She usually gets restless after several hours, so if I'm driving alone, I'll take a break for 15 minutes or so and take her out of the carrier to stretch her legs/snuggle a little. If someone is with me, I typically keep her carrier (soft-sided) on my lap so I can reach in and pet her when she starts being a butt. I've never used any sort of sedatives for the cats, but there are lots of options there if needed. Congrats and good luck with the move!
  4. bleepfrog

    Anyone still waiting for results???? Masters level

    Called my top program since I hadn’t heard back within the time frame they’d given. Turns out I was accepted a week ago and was never notified! Over the moon and so relieved.
  5. bleepfrog

    Anyone still waiting for results???? Masters level

    So the program that told me I would hear within the week when I called two weeks ago still hasn’t informed me of anything. Should I call again? Or should I not bug them?
  6. bleepfrog

    How are you dealing with the waiting phase?

    Same. I spoke to the program advisor last week and he said I should hear this week. I guess they’ve got a few hours left, but I’m going out of my mind.
  7. bleepfrog

    Anyone still waiting for results???? Masters level

    Well. Didn't end up hearing from my school this week, and I doubt I'll hear today since it looks like campus is closed for Good Friday. The agony continues, I guess.
  8. bleepfrog

    Anyone still waiting for results???? Masters level

    I'm still waiting to hear back from my top choice, but I called last Thursday and they told me to expect to hear within the week. Hoping we all hear soon!
  9. bleepfrog

    Currently Freaking Out (like everyone else lol)

    Yep. Applied to two schools, accepted to one, but have heard nothing from my top choice. I called the other day to get a timeframe for a decision and the person I needed to speak to was at lunch. I left my name and number and but no call back yet. I might call again before I go into work today, but I don't want to pester them. Ugh, this whole process!
  10. I vacillate between being extremely grumpy, weirdly serene, and an enormous ball of tangled nerves and anxiety. Honestly, I'm ready to be put out of my misery, haha.
  11. Yay for a Masters thread! I'm going out of my mind waiting to hear back, so hopefully this will help? Field/Program: Theatre Arts/Studies (MA) Schools: Villanova, Eastern Michigan (I'm still beating myself up for only applying to two schools, but it's too late now haha) Status? Found out Friday that I've been accepted to Villanova (interviewed for funding, but no word yet), still waiting to hear from Eastern Michigan. I'm so nervous because theatre wasn't my field in undergrad, though I have a lot of experience and I feel so confident about my personal statement. I just wish I had a timeline/any idea of how or when EMU decisions will roll out Good luck to everybody!

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