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  1. I am going to apply to an education policy program. Is there anyone who has a plan to apply?
  2. Mocha!Thank you for the comment!! I appreciate it!!
  3. Any book you want to strongly recommend for GRE Math? Could you recommend any book for GRE Math? (Except ETS Gre Official and Manhattan Prep) I already have. For math, ETS Gre is not proper for the level of difficulty. (in my opinion) And Manhattan Prep is…Alas too boring. Thank you so much for your help in advance. J Have a good good day!
  4. @Psygeek Hey! hmm. I am sorry to hear that. I am trying to hang in there. That is only one thing I can do as we know. I am going to contact other professors in order to look for a good fit with what I am interested in academically. The problem is that I don't know what I am looking for academically. Only one thing I know is that I love the education field and students. Yes. It is not easy. Losing hope is fine but please don't lose your courage. Sometimes courage is necessary when we lost hope. ( Someone told me like that) Keep looking. Don't settle ( I love Steve Job''s speech ) doo22ya@gmail.com Please email me when you feel somewhat depressed. I don't visit this website often. I am going to keep looking. Let's hang in there albeit it is not easy.
  5. @Bluflmngo1 Hello! I don't have nay special plan on Friday. going to Costco? and...contacting a professor at Boston College in order to ask some advice? I don't know. How about you? I am sorry about this late reply. Due to despondency, it was not easy to visit this website. @Psygeek Thank you for cheering up. It was not easy to log in this website for past a few days. I am sorry. Did you get an email regarding the final decision?
  6. @Psygeek I just got rejected. But.. I might try to apply to it again next year. It depends on how much I love It. Hope you get in!
  7. @Bluflmngo1 Let's hang in there. Today is THE Friday but the waiting game is driving me crazy.
  8. @haspeer Yes. Def that is driving you crazy. We all are still on the edge of our seat. I don't know why it takes so long. I want to be a sleeping beauty for 1~2 weeks . ha...ha..ha. Good luck. hang in there!
  9. Is there anyone who is learning programming languages in DC? Albeit It is not easy to focus on learning programming languages due to the delays of the final decision, that is what I am going to do. Is there anyone who is learning programming languages in DC? Especially, Python , Java. I hope you all get in. Thanks
  10. @exvat Yes. I also want it to end. However, the other part of me is still afraid that I might get rejected . I really don’t want to see my efforts for the application go down the drain as others. Time shows everything but this waiting game is giving me a devil time. I assume that reading cartoons might be helpful. Or sleeping. Just in my opinion. Let’s hang in there. I am going to see lots of Marvel studios movies.
  11. @psygeek Hmmm. That is too much. .. Hmmmm. I will leave some comments tomorrow. Its almost 12ish. Albeit I don't want to go to work, I have to. Haha. Have a good night. At least we haven't been rejected YET!
  12. @Psygeek Yes. I understand. We are in the same situation as we know. It is not easy. When is your estimated date for the final decision?
  13. @Psygeek Hmmm.. For me, it took almost 7 days ( including a weekend) to get a reply from a coordinator. At least, you don't get rejected. Let's be hopeful albeit waiting gives us a devil time. It would be better if you live in DC. Hmmm. Yes. It is not fun. Oh? Did you contact a director?
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