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  1. Thank you. I know that these responses don't mean that I am accepted. Is it certain that this invitation for Zoom call is just an informal interview? Should I prepare it as if I will be formally interviewed?
  2. Hi! Two weeks ago I applied to a PhD program in psychology and I received an email from a POI yesterday . She said that she reviewed my application and that she wondered if I have time for an hour long Zoom conversation regarding my application. I answered it positively, and kindly asked her to give me more detail about this conversation so that I can prepare. She said that she would like to discuss my research experience, the kinds of topics you would be interested in, the projects she is working on, and where I see a possible fit between my interests, and the needs of her lab.
  3. Hi! I am an international student and I am dealing with the grad school applications. I would like to learn if there is anyone who can review and/or edit my SOP. English is not my native language, so it may also need proofreading but I want to hear your opinion about it. I can send you the Google forms link if you are willing. Thanks by now!
  4. I have the same issue. What I did was to indicate this misfit openly-as this will be apparent to the reviewers- and write that I can overcome any negativities resulted by this misfit by building on the knowledge from my experiences in different research fields. I do not know if that sounds problematic, but that's the only thing I could come up.
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