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  1. I hope so! saw in your sig that you're going to UMD, that's actually the school I'm waiting on! =]
  2. so my application just went from "under departmental review" to "under graduate school review". Is this a positive or can this still be a rejection?
  3. This is nearly the exact same situation I am in, but in the US. Applied a few months ago, and still no update or word. I keep calling every few days and get the same response - something that doesn't actually confirm an answer and just keeps me waiting. At some point they should just say something, whether it be waitlist, rejection, whatever. I understand your pain!
  4. it's crazy that they are taking this long! you'd think they would want to send everything out to secure students. I called in again yesterday, was told they would talk with the graduate director. Still no change. If they're going to reject, why not just say it already?
  5. here's my update: my 2 schools have still not updated anything. Literally no word from either. They both said they would notify me on Monday the 16th, which obviously didn't happen. I'm getting really frustrated with this process, like they need to tell me so that I can plan my life after graduation next month
  6. I think early January, typical Master's deadlines. I ended up calling in today to see, and they gave the generic "we have until the 15th" talk
  7. that's probably my next step. I'm just concerned over the fact that they haven't said anything to me... makes me think they don't want me lol
  8. yeah it's been rough. I sent out emails but I'm also afraid of annoying them, since they're probably crazy busy right now. I haven't seen any other results for these schools, specifically for my department. I'm really not sure what's going on haha
  9. Hey guys, so I'm pretty stressed out. I applied to 3 schools for a thesis-based masters, but I haven't heard a thing from any of them as of today 4/13. None of the portals ahve been updated, nor any email communications. What do you think this means? Am I waiting for rejects, or maybe I'm waitlisted and they're waiting to hear back from first offers? UGH I can't handle this. To be honest, I thought I was a shoe-in for some of these programs too. GPA good, GRE really good, research and work relevant, etc. Sunday is the 15th.... Somebody please help calm my nerves!
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