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  1. As far as I know, it's optional. So far I still haven't heard from most of my programs, the only one that I know I'm on the waitlist is because I contacted my POI

    I heard back from UCR and I'm still waiting to hear back from UCSB and UCSC
  3. I am trying to remain calm but I get grumpy everytime and I get an email on my main inbox and it's not related to Grad school admissions or when people ask me "how are the applications going?/Did you hear back from any school?"
  4. UC Irvine "being reviewed"

    Rejection, unfortunately
  5. UC Irvine "being reviewed"

    I can't help you with your specific case but I applied to UC Irvine last year and my application status remained "being reviewed" until I got my decision (which was after the April 15 deadline). What happened on my case is that I was on the waitlist, that explains the result coming after April 15, so this might be the case with you too. Good luck!
  6. "Accepting" Total Rejection (A Good Day)

    I'm on a similar boat. Applied to 4 schools, one which I done a summer internship, managed to get a publication during the internship and got a recommendation from the Professor, but still got no word back from the school. I was starting to embrace total rejection but I decided to email the POI from a school where I had a interview in mid-January and his reply was "I personally liked you, but I didn't though you would come to UCR, so I think you are in the waitlist". So right now I'm back to the nerve wracking waiting game...
  7. Question about transcripts

    Hello, In the application for the Ph.D. programs, I noticed that schools request transcripts from every university attended, even if a degree was not yet awarded, and here's a problem for me. I'm currently doing my Masters in a top-tier university in Brazil, but I'm currently enrolled on what they call it "special student", where a student can take classes normally but they are not formally enrolled in the graduate program (similar to extension programs in some American universities), this is a very common "enrollment method" for student who does not get any financial support, and after they finish all the coursework, they will formally enroll just to present their dissertation and get their degree. The problem here is that the university does not offer official transcripts for special students, and two of the universities I'm planning to apply requires them during the application, what do you think I should do? Maybe explain this situation on my SoP? Do not mention anything about my Masters during my application? Any help would be appreciated! Regards,
  8. Undergrad Institution: UERGS (Brazil), 1 year at UCSB Masters Institution: UFRGS (Brazil)Major(s): Computer EngineeringMinor(s):GPA in Major: 8.77 (not curved)Overall GPA: Masters still in progress, so I can't really calculatePosition in Class: TopType of Student: InternationalGRE Scores (revised/old version):Q: 161V: 152W: 3.0 :'( I'm planning to retake to GRE but my Masters is consuming most of my time and I'm not having much time to study for it TOEFL Total: 112Research Experience: 1 year at my undergrad university doing machine learning and signal processing 2 quarters at UCSB working with Computer Vision, publication as 2nd author at CVPR'16Awards/Honors/Recognitions: Got funding for my Masters counts? hahahaPertinent Activities or Jobs: Will be a TA next semesterAny Miscellaneous Accomplishments that Might Help:Special Bonus Points: Will get strong LoR from both research supervisors, took grad classes on computer vision, imagem processing and pattern recognitionAny Other Info That Shows Up On Your App and Might Matter:Applying to Where: UCSB - PhD - ECE - Computer Vision UCF - PhD - ECE or CS - Computer Vision UCSC - PhD - ECE - Computer Vision Probably UCR and another one that I still have to decide
  9. I just went to a solid 9 now that I received a rejection from my desired school. Hope to have better luck next year or get an acceptance from another choice
  10. Same here Got one offer without funding (which I understand as a polite rejection) and no word from the other 3
  11. Profile: International student, graduated from a top 50 Computer Engineering school in Brazil, studied 1 year abroad at UCSB and I am currently working on my masters at one of the best programs in Brazil Specialization: Computer Vision, Machine Learning GPA: 8.77/10 (undergrad), Still no GPA from grad since it's my first semester GRE: 161Q / 151V / 3.5A Research: 1 year working on a signal processing/ML project in Brazil, summer internship research at UCSB with publication at CVPR '16, undergraduate thesis on image processing/GPU programming Work experience: None Accepted (CS and related only): UCSC without funding Rejected (CS and related only): None (but I can see it coming) Waiting (CS and related only): UCSB, UC Irvine, Vanderbilt Comments: Strong LoRs, one of them being from the professor who was my mentor at UCSB