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  1. Does that better stipend really translate into more money on your pocket by the end of the month? If location #2 pays more but the city is way more expensive than #1, it doesn't make much difference in the end. For me, money does matter, and the calculations I did to see if the stipend is good enough for me was: after paying for my fixed monthly expenses (rent, decent food, phone bills, fees, etc.,) will I have at least $500? If yes, then it is good enough for me. But if it was me, I would go to my dream program even if the stipend is lower (considering it is a decent offer, of course) because I'm certain that I would spend quite some time thinking "What if I had gone there...?"
  2. Since this is my third time applying, I feel like I have some experience with this. Usually, there are 3 cases: You are on a waitlist and might be accepted in the near future They are going to give an offer without funding Or the university simply don't care enough to send rejection letters to everyone The last one is the worst of them all and it happened more than I would have expected. For example, UC Riverside sent my rejection on October 16th, 2018 when I applied for their Fall 2018 program! They rejected me so far in the game that the classes had already started and a new application cycle has begun.
  3. Hello everyone, I recently got an offer from CSU with full funding (yay!), after some research I concluded that the stipend they are offering is pretty decent comparing the cost of life in Fort Collins. The thing that is bugging me a little bit is the amount of fees per semester that is mentioned in my letter of acceptance. They used as an example that a graduate student taking 9 hours of coursework would pay $1078 in fees (emphasizing that their fees are lower than most schools). After splitting the amount of fees by the duration of a semester, I realized that the stipend is not that great anymore. So I was wondering if you wouldn`t mind sharing the amount of fees at your university so I can get a grasp of how accurate their information is. Thank you!
  4. TheHoff

    How much do you pay in fees per semester/quarter?

    I couldn't agree more! Charging thousands of dollars in fees is just ridiculous, it's pretty much masking a lower stipend since they are getting back part of it. Thank you for the spreadsheet, looking at it and adding the amount for the entire year it looks like CSU would rank on the top 10 (maybe even top 5 depending on the summer costs) so they are not as competitive as they claim
  5. TheHoff

    Acceptance for Fall 2019 and Regarding Funding

    Congrats on your acceptance! To which program did you apply? I was accepted at the Computer Sciences and I received funding information with my acceptance letter
  6. TheHoff

    Post here to get your worries off your chest

    Excitement: Finally got my first offer today! Fully funded position at Colorado State, which I visited last weekend. The location is great (except for the cold that I don't enjoy), the projects are exciting and the faculty seems super nice persons. Worries: Will probably have to borrow money to cover the first expenses, such as fees, travel tickets, security deposits and so on since I'm now officially unemployed after finishing my Masters
  7. TheHoff

    Food (Eating Healthy, Cheaply, and Quickly)

    If you are a meat eater and can spare some money, I definitely recommend getting a sous vide machine. Sometimes you can get one for less than $100 on Amazon and it yields great results with minimum effort
  8. TheHoff

    What do I do now

    I don't know if that's common where you live but here some people tend to work as a volunteer on some Lab when they don't have anything better to do. It's not the funniest thing but it could be helpful even to improve your applications
  9. TheHoff

    No news, bad news?

    It's not over until you receive news from the school, don't lose hope!
  10. TheHoff

    Scream Thread

  11. TheHoff

    Is anyone else just way too anxious?

    Yesterday I received an invitation for an on-campus interview which really gave a little bit of morale, the thing is it not my first option (not complaining, just to be clear) The thing is that I worked with a POI at UCSB during the summer of 2015 and I really enjoyed my time there. I felt like I had a great connection with the faculty, I loved the community, the city, still have friends attending there, etc. so it is my first choice. After the internship, I kept working with one of the PhD students there, we got a publication together and the professor agreed to write LoR for me (which he did). I'm thinking about writing an email to the professor asking about the status of my application but don't want to seem demanding, like if he owns me a spot there because of the LoR. My idea is something around the lines of: "I am writing because I was wondering if you could give any updates regarding my application for the Ph.D. program. I started hearing from the other schools I have applied but still no word from UCSB. I reiterate that UCSB is my top choice and knowing what is my situation there would help me better assess the offers from other schools". Any ideas on how to improve that email? Thanks!
  12. TheHoff

    For those of us who haven't heard yet...

    Congrats! Hope you have a great time at your new school!
  13. TheHoff

    For those of us who haven't heard yet...

    Colorado State. Thank you, I hope you get some news soon too!
  14. TheHoff

    For those of us who haven't heard yet...

    My advice is don't lose hope, it's not over until you receive your results. I was on the same boat as you guys and haven't heard from any program at all until yesterday when I woke up with an email inviting me for an interview weekend with pretty much all expenses paid, and I live overseas! I also wrote to Penn State and the officer stated that offers should be made in March.
  15. TheHoff

    Is anyone else just way too anxious?

    Just woke up to an invitation to visit CSU in 2 weeks! They are paying up to $500 of my plane ticket, which is barely half the cost. I'm planning on going as I have a friend there that can house me for a couple of days and make the trip more worthwhile. Super excited! @carolina89 I'm from Porto Alegre
  16. TheHoff

    Is anyone else just way too anxious?

    Oh no, that's no good news! I felt almost the same when someone posted a new result from UCSB after a couple weeks from the last batch since I believe they are starting to call people who were waitlisted and I still haven't heard a thing
  17. TheHoff

    Is anyone else just way too anxious?

    Exactly! Here we do not work on holidays and there is a LOT of them hahaha. I follow UCSB on Instagram and I know they are not open today, I don't know about the other 3 I've applied to.
  18. TheHoff

    Post here to get your worries off your chest

    Good luck to you too! Let's hope we get into CSU even though is not my/our first choice! I don't know for physics but for CS there are only a couple results posted on the survey so I really have no idea when/what to expect from them. What really gets my gears grinding was that when I studied abroad at UCSB, after finishing my summer internship, the professor said I did a great job and he encouraged me to pursue graduate studies, even wrote LoR on my behalf and I still didn't get in. Well, I did receive an offer on Apr/17 but it was without funding so it was not very helpful. Let's hope for better luck this year, even though numerous people already posted acceptances from there...
  19. TheHoff

    Post here to get your worries off your chest

    Problem is that I'm finishing my Masters next month! Even if I was not, I couldn't afford to pay for a Masters in the US. Actually, the sole reason for me to apply to only 4 programs was money :(
  20. TheHoff

    Post here to get your worries off your chest

    That's exactly how I feel too! I have been told from a lot of people, including prospective POIs that I have a great profile and chances of admission are pretty high. Right now I'm on my third year applying and it is not looking good
  21. TheHoff

    Post here to get your worries off your chest

    Excitements: Almost finishing my Master's thesis Worries: Haven't heard a single word from all the programs I applied to. The stress and anxiety from this waiting is taking away all my motivation to continue writing my thesis
  22. TheHoff

    Without LOR from Advisor?

    I was in a similar situation, my advisor is controlling person that tries to make people stay with him at the department. Last year I sent my applications without his LoR and got interviewed by 1 school and accepted without funding at 2. Maybe it hurts a little bit but it doesn't look like it is the end of your chances. This year I decided to ask for his LoR because even though he would probably not be happy about it, I don't think he can write a bad LoR to me when I got A's on all his classes and published 2 papers with him in the last year.
  23. TheHoff

    Is anyone else just way too anxious?

    One more week has passed and still radio silence... at least no new results came on the survey page. The job I applied told me that they would contact whoever was hired by Friday afternoon, so I'm guessing that's a no.
  24. TheHoff

    Is anyone else just way too anxious?

    I was like this until last week, this week I'm trying to control myself and only check the email when I get a notification from my main inbox on the phone. On the other years the acceptance/rejections always went to updates and one time the acceptance from UCSC got into promotions hahaha
  25. TheHoff

    Why Do They Wait on Rejections

    From my past experiences (this is the 3rd year applying), yes, acceptances usually goes first. And every year my rejections started coming after April, UC Riverside and Vanderbilt are currently holding the delay record, giving notice in October and September, respectively. My acceptances without funding came in late February the first time and in April last year

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