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    didn't get in.....

    I'm sorry you didn't get in. I know how you are feeling since it happened to me last year and this year again. Both times I had some interviews and ended up being accepted somewhere but without any financial assistance. I also tried to avoid people for the exact same reason but it's a waste of time, you'll have to answer that sooner or later. Also, the people were really supportive when I shared with them what happened, so I think you shouldn't keep avoiding them. The imposter syndrome is hitting me really this year too since after this round of applications, ALL of my friends who applied got into some school and I'm the only one left. Not only that but the fact that I always get some unfunded offer makes me think what is wrong with my profile that I'm good enough to get an offer but not enough to get financial assistance. To face this I'm working really hard on my Master's, so far I got my name into 6 publications this year and I'm planning to start writing my dissertation soon. I'm hoping that this will strengthen my application for next year and hope that I get in next time. As people say, third time is the charm
  2. 2 offers from great schools, no funding on both. So close, yet so far!

    Hoping to have better luck next year

  3. TheHoff

    I haven't heard ANYTHING...?

    Heard back from 2 programs. Both offered admission without funding aka polite rejection
  4. TheHoff


    Got a phone call from UCSC's program director yesterday to tell me that I was accepted but they can't give me any financial assistance (again). Today I got my letter of acceptance from UCSB (my top choice) and it's the same situation. No funding, can't guarantee a TA and so on. I could afford to pay for the year and apply for a TA and hope I get selected so I don't have to pay, but I think if they didn't offer me financial assistance during admission they would probably not do it afterwards too. All hopes shattered for this year again
  5. TheHoff

    Anyone going to EMBC this year?

    Hello everyone, how are you doing? Is anyone else going to the IEEE Engineering in Medicine and Biology Society this year? I'm so excited I got a paper accepted there and I was thinking it could be a great opportunity to meet with fellow students from the forums. Hit me up if you're going and would like to meet at the conference!
  6. TheHoff

    I haven't heard ANYTHING...?

    I'm on a pretty similar situation. I applied to 4 programs, have been interviewed by only one and haven't heard anything back. I contacted the 4 depts about one month ago and all of them just gave a general "applications are still under review" reply. My guess is that today will be rejection day or I'm on the waitlist and will probably hear something next week
  7. TheHoff

    Let’s just TALK about it...

    I think that I will go bald until Friday night, this wait is killing me!
  8. TheHoff


    Contacted the Graduate Director at UCSC today as encouraged by the Graduate Advisor to ask for an update, she replied asking if we could set a call which I found pretty weird as she could just give me an update by email
  9. TheHoff

    Good signs?

    TL;DR - Yeah and then I got "rejected" Full story: Last year I contacted one professor at UCSC months before applying, his response was pretty positive, saying that he always managed to get his students funded, that our research interests matched and my past experiences would make a very competitive candidate. Due to some financial problems, I decided not to apply to UCSC and save the $100 fee since it was not one of my top choices, but 2 days before the deadline he contacted me asking me what happened because he was going through the applications and my file was not there. I took this as a very positive sign and decided to apply and "guarantee" a spot if my top choices didn't accept me. About one month later I got my acceptance letter and it didn't offer any kind of financial assistance, which for a Ph.D. program I understand as a polite rejection. At least they waived an app fee for this year, so I ended up applying again but no word so far
  10. TheHoff

    How are you dealing with the waiting phase?

    Nothing so far. Currently, I vacillate between "I don't care anymore, I give up" and "let's check gradcafe/app site/email one more time to see if there's any news" all day long. I wish I get my results soon so I can start planning on what I will be doing after I finish my Master's later in August.
  11. TheHoff

    Let’s just TALK about it...

    Contacted my POI at my first choice last Monday, he seemed surprised by the fact that I have not heard anything from the AdComm, he said that he would check with them later in the week when he went back to town but I got nothing so far. This waiting game is killing me, especially knowing that I will probably be rejected by all schools
  12. TheHoff

    Help.. What is the right thing to do

    That is one option. The other one would be to contact the schools where you got accepted and ask them to extend the deadline by a couple days so you can hear back from Michigan
  13. TheHoff

    How are you dealing with the waiting phase?

    I'm on the exact same situation, still waiting for 4 schools and trying to keep busy with my Masters but I keep thinking about the PhD applications so much that I end up not working as much as I would like
  14. TheHoff

    Let’s just TALK about it...

    You are certainly not alone! I still have to hear back from all 4 schools that I applied to. I guess I will start studying to take the GRE again this year lol
  15. TheHoff


    Contacted my POI at UCSB (my first choice) today, his response was "Have you heard anything at all? I will also check when I get back to town later this week." I will take that as a rather positive answer given that we are almost in April.
  16. TheHoff

    Let’s just TALK about it...

    I also don't have any hopes left. Was confident that I got a competitive profile since most professors whom I contacted encouraged me to apply, guess they tell that to everyone lol. 1 acceptance without funding (aka polite rejection) last year. So far 0/4 this year, guess I should just accept it and quit this game
  17. TheHoff


    @abnormalcluster Since my field of study is Computer Engineering/Sciences, being in California would be a great opportunity to make some networking and get a job. Another point that motivates me to apply for schools in California is that I went to UCSB as an exchange student during undergrad and I really enjoyed it.
  18. TheHoff

    Currently Freaking Out (like everyone else lol)

    Hello, I'm also freaking out, I applied to 4 programs, 3 for Electrical Engineering, 1 for Computer Sciences. I have been interviewed by only one program, which I know that I'm on the waitlist since I contacted my POI and he said so. I contacted the other 3 programs and they all replied: "applications are still under review". If I don't get accepted I'll probably finish my Masters and go look for a job since having a Ph.D. in Brazil is not worth the effort. I might as well apply next year again, but I'm not sure yet
  19. As far as I know, it's optional. So far I still haven't heard from most of my programs, the only one that I know I'm on the waitlist is because I contacted my POI
  20. TheHoff


    I heard back from UCR and I'm still waiting to hear back from UCSB and UCSC
  21. I am trying to remain calm but I get grumpy everytime and I get an email on my main inbox and it's not related to Grad school admissions or when people ask me "how are the applications going?/Did you hear back from any school?"
  22. TheHoff

    UC Irvine "being reviewed"

    Rejection, unfortunately
  23. TheHoff

    UC Irvine "being reviewed"

    I can't help you with your specific case but I applied to UC Irvine last year and my application status remained "being reviewed" until I got my decision (which was after the April 15 deadline). What happened on my case is that I was on the waitlist, that explains the result coming after April 15, so this might be the case with you too. Good luck!
  24. TheHoff

    "Accepting" Total Rejection (A Good Day)

    I'm on a similar boat. Applied to 4 schools, one which I done a summer internship, managed to get a publication during the internship and got a recommendation from the Professor, but still got no word back from the school. I was starting to embrace total rejection but I decided to email the POI from a school where I had a interview in mid-January and his reply was "I personally liked you, but I didn't though you would come to UCR, so I think you are in the waitlist". So right now I'm back to the nerve wracking waiting game...
  25. TheHoff

    Question about transcripts

    Hello, In the application for the Ph.D. programs, I noticed that schools request transcripts from every university attended, even if a degree was not yet awarded, and here's a problem for me. I'm currently doing my Masters in a top-tier university in Brazil, but I'm currently enrolled on what they call it "special student", where a student can take classes normally but they are not formally enrolled in the graduate program (similar to extension programs in some American universities), this is a very common "enrollment method" for student who does not get any financial support, and after they finish all the coursework, they will formally enroll just to present their dissertation and get their degree. The problem here is that the university does not offer official transcripts for special students, and two of the universities I'm planning to apply requires them during the application, what do you think I should do? Maybe explain this situation on my SoP? Do not mention anything about my Masters during my application? Any help would be appreciated! Regards,

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