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  1. I am an Indian student looking for housing options in Hamilton, in and around McMaster. Also anyone willing to connect will be great, haven't found any females yet, would be great to have someone to go house hunting with
  2. Thank you so much. Finger crossed
  3. Getting an assistant-ship at a Lab (in India) is pretty competitive (as far as I know). Thanks though! I am taking up some industry experience right now
  4. I wanted to know the average intake of grad schools for MS in CS in USA and Canada. I am an international applicant and I know this already reduces my chances. Just wondering if I should apply to a few more safety schools as I haven't been notified of any decision yet
  5. I haven't received an admit yet and I don't have any work right now for the next few months. Any advice on how to spend my time so that I don't go crazy refreshing gmail every second of my life rn?
  6. Thanks for the response, I've applied for Masters programs
  7. When do Canadian Universities usually let students know about the results for thesis based courses. No contact from POI, no update, I am starting to get a little jittery now
  8. No updates from any University I have applied to ( and I applied to 10). Worried I might have to start looking for a Job now.
  9. I've applied to arounf 7 schools in Canada for Msc (thesis). No response from either so far. The only positive thing is a professor from UoAlberta asked me about my interests. McGill did send me the list of questions however no result on that front. Canadian colleges are dead and clearly cannot handle the sudden attention they are getting FML
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