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I wanted to know the average intake of grad schools for MS in CS in USA and Canada.

I am an international applicant and I know this already reduces my chances. Just wondering if I should apply to a few more safety schools as I haven't been notified of any decision yet

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Enrolment Data

  2017 2016 2015 2014 2013
Applications 1011 645 590 489 484
Offers 100 33 65 67 81
New registrations 55 24 28 23 37
Total enrolment 101 70 85 88 115

UofT: about 2000 total applications to PhD, MSc, MScAC, 70 acceptances each.

Most of my friends haven't heard anything yet so I wouldnt worry if you have good gpa and research experience.


http://web.cs.toronto.edu/Graduate/prospective_gradwhy/FAQ/msc_phd_faq.htm#Admissions - General


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