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  1. Those of you that have already gone through them, what is the general etiquette? My last orientation I did was for my undergrad, which was obviously full of teenagers in ripped jeans and the occasional sweats. My MA was online. I have my main Graduate Studies orientation tomorrow, and I'm not sure if I should go business casual? Professional? Normal street clothes? (I'll be doing an hour long campus tour in Florida heat...) Also, what did you all bring? Note pads? Laptops? Just yourself?
  2. vam1390

    TA schedules

    So, I was offered a full graduate assistantship, with the first year starting as a grader before moving on to a graduate associate. Those of you that have done this or are doing this, what did your schedules usually look like as a grader? I'm just trying to get an idea for planning out a part time job this fall.
  3. Just to update, shortly after I posted, I GOT ACCEPTED!
  4. Had my interview two weeks ago... Still nothing. 😒😔
  5. I just had mine for UCF this morning. Standard panel interview with the main faculty advisers in the department.
  6. Congrats!! I have two of my degrees from there and LOVED it. They didn't send out scholarship information when I was there, but if you email the Financial Aid advisers, they're very helpful with providing information and aid resources.
  7. I think it depends on the program and its size.
  8. Just had my interview today... So does that mean March is my new February?
  9. I just got home from my interview. I'm still shaking off the anxious nausea. Somehow I'm more stressed after than before. ? How did you guys feel coming out of it? Were they super hard to read?
  10. I have my interview tomorrow. Nerves are building. How long after interviews did it take for a lot of you to start hearing back?
  11. So, I have an interview for a PhD program, and they normally do it as a 15 min Skype session. Because I am nearby the campus, they opted to schedule it in person instead. What would you typically wear in this instance? I haven't heard back from admissions regarding attire (and likely won't before my interview). It's for Political Science. I was thinking a pair of nice black pants, flats, and a button up.
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