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  1. Listen, I know this is semi-standard for some schools and I should just suck it up. But there are two (highly ranked!) schools that I applied to that have released both acceptances and rejections, yet I have heard nothing. I've already committed to a program I love, so its not that these would've necessarily swayed me. But we put tons of time, energy and MONEY into these applications, and they can't even bother to acknowledge we sent them anything? It's rude and unprofessional, imo. Ugh. Anywho. I'll get over it, but thought it was likely some of you might be feeling the same way.
  2. Got the official email today. Status listed in your box is a final decision. Here's the info from the email: You are receiving this email because you successfully completed an application for the 2019 class of National Defense Science and Engineering Graduate (NDSEG) Fellows. This year there were nearly 3,000 applications submitted which made the award process highly competitive! You are now able to log into the application portal to view your application review status. The link is https://ndsegfellowships.smapply.org. Using the same username and password used for your application, log in. Under the NDSEG application will be a section labeled “STATUS” with your application status listed beside it. Below is a guide of what each status means: · 1st Round Reviews – SME Panel o Your application was successfully completed and was reviewed during the 1st stage of reviews conducted by Subject Matter Experts in your relevant discipline. Your application did not make the cut to move to the next review stage. · 2nd Round Reviews – DoD Panel o Your application was reviewed during the 1st stage of reviews conducted by Subject Matter Experts in your relevant discipline and moved to the next stage of reviews. These reviews were conducted by Department of Defense personnel. Your application did not make the cut to be an awardee or alternate for the NDSEG fellowship. · Alternate Awardee List o Your application was reviewed during the 2nd stage of reviews conducted by Department of Defense personnel. Your application has been marked as an alternate to receive an NDSEG award. o Note: You will be notified via email if you are, in fact, awarded. If you do not receive an email, you have not moved from the alternates list to the awardee list. We are not able to provide any timeline or additional information regarding alternates. · 2019 NDSEG Awardee o Your application was selected to receive a 2019 NDSEG Fellowship Award. You should have received an award letter via email. We hope these statuses will provide the information many applicants seek. Should anything change with your status, we will reach out to you directly. We appreciate your interest in the NDSEG Fellowship Program. Should you not receive an award this year, we hope you will consider re-applying next year, should you remain eligible. We wish you all the best in your educational pursuits! -The NDSEG Fellowship Team
  3. Hey all, I know laster year UCSB materials had multiple acceptance rounds (theory was that diff concentrations operate differently), but last years second round of acceptances went out Feb 1st (first round was early Jan). Has anyone heard anything? Is it time to close the door on hoping for that one?
  4. Is there a legitimate reason for this? Why not send rejections when you send acceptances? Do the enjoy tormenting us lol. But really, there's a graduating PhD in my lab that said she never heard back from some schools - nothing
  5. A WHOLE MOOD! ugh. they're now a full week or so later and im just ugh. I'd rather know im rejected that wait in limbo *sigh* most of my schools apart from UW and (hopefully) upcoming UCSB dont have solid trends either, so Im feeling the limbo grind rip
  6. Agh exactly! I just want to know, sigh, and most of my friends' programs have already released so it feels like limbo to me
  7. Is this not the place to express all the stresses? Just gettin it out my dude so I dont annoy my friends lol
  8. UW BioE is Killing Me: Last year they released at the beginning of this week and I'm losing my mind... please feel free to pterodactyl scream in the comments about any schools which are "behind" in comparison to last year UGHAHHHHHHHHHHHHHAFHAHAUUUUGGGGGGGGGGHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH
  9. In my experience (grad students/applicants I know, etc) international students often have an "easier" time getting in** (this difference is minimal, I'd assume) based on the extremely high percentage of international students at US graduate programs in comparison to US student, but then have a much harder time getting funding. That is just my personal experience of the situation, though **assuming, as others have stated, that the TOEFL requirements are met, etc
  10. Hey all, I applied to UCLA last week and had some weirdness happen. I submitted on Dec 1st around 9PM PST, with the deadline at 11:59 PM PST that day. After I submitted, I reopened the portal and it lists my submission date as Dec 2nd. It was listing it as Dec 2nd when it was legit still Dec 1st. I emailed the dept but no answer. Should I be nervous about this? Does it matter? A postdoc told me it wont mater since they dont look at this stuff until after break anyway, but I was wondering if anyone else had this issue.
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