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  1. - Do you think that Jackson would offer sufficient practical experience or would it be more theory-based? Do you think that an MA in Global Affairs can still boost someone's career in International Development vs Diplomacy? Jackson is what you make it. You can easily take a more academic route and only take theory-based classes, or you can take classes with a more practical element (see: https://jackson.yale.edu/apply/glbl-772/ or https://som.yale.edu/fall-global-social-entrepreneurship-gse-course at SOM). There are lots of opportunities with people currently working in the field. - New Haven vs New York: when it comes to networking, and finding internships? New York is obviously much stronger for this. However, two caveats: though there are obviously a lot more connections you could make in New York, Jackson is small enough that if there's someone that you're interested in working or connected with, then you can definitely make it happen––not sure how true that is in NY. In addition, Jackson's summer experience funding helps ameliorate the situation a bit. - Can I get IT, Cyber Security, Big Data Analysis, or more practical ID skills at Yale vs SIPA? I can't speak to what you'd get at SIPA, but there are definitely a lot of options for this at Yale, both at Jackson and throughout the university. Happy to put you in touch with someone who can talk more about these offerings at Yale.
  2. Even if the debt load were the same, I'd go with WWS (though that would of course depend on a lot of factors for you). However, with the different financial packages, it's really a no-brainer. And why would you be living in Trenton rather than Princeton?
  3. Yale Jackson. I originally thought I had a tough decision due to a much better funded offer from the Keough School at Notre Dame, but after speaking to students from both schools, the decision ended up being a fairly straightforward one. Jackson also had wonderful resources after acceptance, from matching me up with a current student "buddy", making sessions from the Admitted Students Program available online, various webinars, and personal contact from people within the program, which contrasted pretty sharply with ND.
  4. Going to add one more voice of support to all of the above posters. I went to a large, not top-tier state school and I think it I actually had more opportunities, in some ways, than I would have had at a more prestigious school. I stood out more and received more attention from professors and in terms of awards, scholarships and the like than I would have otherwise. It was also cheaper (both due to it being a state school and the scholarship I received) than other schools would have been, which has given me a bit more freedom while looking at graduate schools--where, IMO, going for the bigger name is more worth paying for.
  5. Probably Yale. I think any more money from Yale would make it a definite yes, but for now it's still a maybe. I'm waiting to hear back from some Keough School students about their experiences, too, which will help me to make up my mind.
  6. I'm in a very similar boat to you. I'm deciding between the Keough School with a full ride and Yale Jackson, which has offered me 50%. While it's easy to quantify the difference in COA, it's much harder to quantify the outcomes. I wish I had some advice to offer, but I'm going through the same struggles and haven't come up with an answer yet. Good luck!
  7. What did everyone else hear about funding? I was disappointed to get a 50% scholarship. Obviously 50% for such a wonderful program is amazing and I’m very grateful for it, but I was under the impression that most students are fully funded. I have an offer of a 100% scholarship plus stipend from another school, but Yale is my top choice, so it’s really going to take some thinking. Anyone else in a similar pickle??
  8. Program Applied To: (MPA, MPP, IR, etc.): Global Affairs Schools Applied To: Yale Jackson, Notre Dame Keough (International Peace Studies), University of San Diego Kroc School (Peace and Justice) Schools Admitted To: Notre Dame (full tuition + 18k stipend), San Diego ($$), Yale (no word on funding yet, but pretty hopeful for tuition+stipend considering their funding record and my application for a Coverdell Fellowship Schools Rejected From: None Still Waiting: None Undergraduate institution: Big state school Undergraduate GPA: 4.0 Undergraduate Major: History, Middle Eastern Studies GRE Quantitative Score: 162 GRE Verbal Score: 168 GRE AW Score: 5.0 Years Out of Undergrad (if applicable): 4years Years of Work Experience: 4 years Describe Relevant Work Experience: 2 years as a Peace Corps Volunteer, 1 year as Fulbright ETA, a few months at an intercultural education nonprofit. Also internships with a US Senator and at the UN in undergrad Strength of SOP (be honest, describe the process, etc): . I was more worried about this as time went by following submission. I think I showcased my academic strengths and interests (identity politics, the role of ethnic/national identity in conflict) well, though I wasn’t extremely specific about career goals. I only had one person look over it, and she didn’t provide a massive amount of feedback, but I think it was pretty well-written and played to my strengths. Strength of LOR's (be honest, describe the process, etc): I had one letter from my supervising manager in Peace Corps, one from a professor with whom I took a seminar (she nominated the research paper I wrote for that class for an award, which I subsequently won), and the director of a fellowship I had in undergrad. While my LOR writers perhaps weren’t as big of names as others, they all know me well and were (I think) enthusiastic about my ability to succeed at each of my schools, so I think they were a big benefit Other: I thought I was a reach at Notre Dame and had no chance at Yale, so I’m absolutely delighted. I had no background in econ/stats (unless you count AP statistics in high school, which I would assume they did not), though I guess my decent quant score probably assuaged some doubts. I also felt I wasn’t specific enough about my career goals in my SOP. However, between interesting international experiences (about 2 years spent in each Georgia and Turkey with a wide variety of activity in each), good stats, enthusiastic LOR writers, and a real interest in a certain topic which is available at both Notre Dame and Yale were enough to get me over the line. Decision: provided I receive similar funding that I did at Notre Dame, which I will know in the next week, it has to be Yale Jackson. Unlike others, because of my lack of background in certain aspects of the field, I was not really motivated by the flexibility of the program and was actually excited to have a slightly more rigid curriculum. However, Yale is impossible to turn down due to the brilliance of the other students in the program, the location (near to NYC for internships, also close to my family and girlfriend), and the access to amazing professors and practitioners.
  9. I’m in as well and also haven’t received any info on funding! Hoping that means we’re both going to receive some more info soon. Congrats!
  10. How I’ve dreamed of adding to this thread! I’m at a conference in a fancy hotel, and I’m 8 hours ahead of my school’s time zone. After anxiously checking my email every minute for days, I decided to give it one last try before bed. I screamed and scared my girlfriend, and it definitely didn’t help me get to sleep!
  11. Results are out—I’m in with full funding!! Best of luck to all of you as well, hope you received a similar response
  12. I gave them a call yesterday, and they said that decisions normally come out by the beginning of April (as it says on the website), and they're on course to release decisions within the next two weeks. Guess we can stop refreshing our emails 😌
  13. Happy March, everyone! I’m hoping we’ll be finding out sooner (read: today) rather than later. Good luck to all!
  14. Well that's a little disappointing, but thank you for calling and letting us know! I guess I'll try to put it out of my mind for this week--and I'll just end up thinking more about Notre Dame instead.
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