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  1. Anxiously Hopeful

    Love, Academia and Success

    @Adelaide9216 First things first, I am really proud of the person you are right now; independent, knowledgeable, confident and humble. I think not fitting in is what distinguishes you and will also distinguish your partner from all the other men out there whom you will definitely find in the future. Don't beat yourself for not yet finding a partner and continue to do what you love doing. I have realized after being in a relationship that self-love is so much more important than loving your significant other. Also, don't consider love and career as mutually exclusive. Keep patience and you will not have to give up on either one of them.
  2. Anxiously Hopeful

    How far in advance to look for apartments?

    On-campus apartments start filling in really fast so I guess you should apply for housing immediately after you have accepted the offer from the university. For instance, if you are planning to attend college in Fall and the decision deadline is April 15th then you should start looking for apartments during that period.
  3. You can definitely email the department. You can begin by asking about the financial aids the department offers to admitted graduate students and then politely inquire if you should expect an official letter from the department or not.
  4. What does the acceptance letter say?. I mean it should have mentioned the name of the program you have been accepted in along with the name of the department.
  5. Anxiously Hopeful

    Rice Vs Virginia Tech

    I also thought that if I work under a professor then it would be better as compared with working with an assistant professor, however, working with younger people has a lot of benefits like: 1)They can give you individual attention. 2)They are more open to new ideas and free from any bias since they are also exploring many new things in that area of study. 3)You can work with them as if they are your colleagues and not be nervous around them. I think Rice is definitely the place for you. Congratulations on the admits by the way .
  6. Anxiously Hopeful


    what do you mean?
  7. Anxiously Hopeful


    I am enrolling in the biomedical engineering masters program. I am interested in Neural Engineering and I think Dr. Gunduz is doing some really good work on it.
  8. Anxiously Hopeful


    Nope, its the University of Florida at Gainsville.
  9. Anxiously Hopeful


    Okay, not too ambitious but I got accepted at the University of Florida. Glad I could avoid the harsh winters in the north.. wohoooo
  10. Anxiously Hopeful

    What were you doing when you received your acceptance?

    I was talking to my best friend on phone and accidentally checked the email out of habit. The first thing that came out of both of our mouths after going through the acceptance mail was "Oh fuck!!".
  11. Anxiously Hopeful

    Should I tell the supervisor how I have been feeling?

    My supervisor too did not give me any of his time. Even if I wanted to discuss with him a point or two, he would show all the work he had to finish for the day and send me back. Part of the reason why he did not show any interest in my work was because he was expecting me to get a Ph.D. under him and I had denied his offer. Anyway, all other other students under him also felt neglected and were doing sub-par work which really frustrated me. But at the end of the day, after I convinced myself that no help was coming from anywhere else, I started working on my own and fortunately, the results came out to be correct. The bottom line is, help yourself and turn off the self-pity mode. The satisfaction of doing your best even if the results take time is an accomplishment in itself. All the best!!
  12. Anxiously Hopeful

    How bad does NO LOR from advisor hurts

    Yup. Go for it!
  13. Anxiously Hopeful

    How bad does NO LOR from advisor hurts

    I was in the exact same situation as you are right now. However, I somehow gathered the courage to ask him to give me a recommendation letter. Not to mention the amount of discouragement he showered on me from pursuing higher studies abroad and not under him. Nevertheless, he gave me the recommendation even though it was not the best. I think once you show how much you really want to go somewhere else, your advisor is not going to force you to stay and be revengeful by not giving a LOR. At the end of the day, it will be a matter of prestige for him to be sending his student to a better place and getting recognized by eminent people through you. Also, if you are planning to do research in the same as area as you did under your current advisor, then yes, his recommendation is valuable. All the best!
  14. Anxiously Hopeful

    In a state of flux

    Yup! I agree with you completely. Thanks
  15. Anxiously Hopeful

    In a state of flux

    Hello everyone! The previous week I got accepted to the master's program at Case Western Reserve University and the University of Florida in Biomedical Engineering. I love Case Western as it has been a pioneer in BME research for a long time, however, it is a private university and does not offer any financial aid to incoming masters students. The University of Florida, on the other hand, is a public university and I got a 4500 USD scholarship. I would have chosen Case Western over the University of Florida had it been more economical for me, but I am not sure whether I am thinking about this the right way. Is it worth it to let go of Case Western??

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