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  1. There are two universities that I am very interested in attending for masters in biomedical engineering and to which I have been accepted: the University of Florida at Gainsville and Johns Hopkins University. JHU has the best BME program but it is very costly. UFL, on the other hand, has half the tuition cost as JHU and I am also getting a $4500 scholarship there. Getting into JHU would be the best thing for my career, however, I want to continue with my higher studies and get a Ph.D. in the future and do not want to be neck-deep in debt. At the same time, I do not know if letting go of such an opportunity would be a wise decision. PS- TAship positions are available at JHU for first-year students and in the second year, students are eligible to get 100% tuition waiver provided they find a mentor who is willing to fund their studies while they complete their thesis. Please pour your opinions here.
  2. Anxiously Hopeful

    Questions regarding TAship

    Hey everyone! As a newly enrolled master's student, I would want to apply for TAship positions at the Biomedical Engineering department at Johns Hopkins University. Can someone throw light about the entire selection process and how is it is like to be a TA?? Are you already expected to be an expert in the area in which you would be getting the assistantships or you are allowed to learn and earn at the same time??
  3. Anxiously Hopeful

    Top-choice expensive school or mediocre less-expensive school

    Thanks for your input @csacwp1315 and @DiscoTech
  4. Wish I had come across such a compact list of things to remember during the application process earlier.
  5. Anxiously Hopeful

    Gifts appropriate for LoR writers?

    While merch from the University you have been accepted to makes a great gift, showing your gratefulness by simply talking to them about how they have made a major contribution to your future is more important.
  6. I would have to go with @Ternwildon this one, that is, the university tag does not matter unless you want to end up in academia. A great mentor can open doors for numerous opportunities for you and also mentally enlighten you.
  7. Anxiously Hopeful

    Biomedical Engineering/Bioengineering Applicant Profiles for 2019 Admission

    Did anyone get accepted to JHU and receive the welcome/funding letter from the department?
  8. Anxiously Hopeful

    Johns Hopkins BME

    Hey! To all those (masters and Ph.D. applicants) who have been accepted to the BME program at JHU, have you all received the welcome/funding letter? I am waiting for mine. I applied to the MSE program and desperately hope to get some financial aid.
  9. First of all, I do not see career and love as mutually exclusive. For me, education builds my self-esteem and so does my partner and both are in the same boat, so in such a scenario an understanding is essential. Questions like what if I died in graduate school and would it be worth it? would not land me in a happy place. I can literally die right now when I am living with my parents, so is it worth it living with my parents.
  10. Anxiously Hopeful

    Volunteering in POI's lab before applying?

    Although I have never been in this situation, I think it not only depends on the relationship you have with your POI but also on the profiles of the Ph.D. candidates who would be wanting to work with your mentor. If the POI finds applicants that are much better than you then he/she is under no obligation to reserve a Ph.D. position for you.
  11. Anxiously Hopeful

    Will there be any possibility to receive a tuition waiver?

    Securing financial aid is typically very hard for master's students. I got the acceptance letter from Case Western University a few days ago and had the similar doubt, therefore, I asked my allotted advisor about it and he said that TA/RA positions are available but preference would be given to Phd students.
  12. Anxiously Hopeful

    Scream Thread

  13. Anxiously Hopeful

    Informal Acceptance from POI meaning acceptance?

    I was notified by my POI at Case Western via an informal email that I have been accepted to the program. A week later I got the decision posted on the website by the graduate school that I had been accepted.
  14. Hey all! So I got the most awaited acceptance letter from my dream school today, that is, Johns Hopkins University. I am super excited about it. However, I received the letter from the Vice Dean of Graduate Education and not from the department and it included the following statement: Please see the welcome letter from your department for more detailed information regarding any individualized funding support, program specifics and options, advisor arrangements, and program orientation requirements. I haven't received the welcome letter yet. Should I wait for the letter or start contacting the faculty or the program manager for the available TA-ship positions?
  15. Anxiously Hopeful

    Feeling quite insecure tonight.

    If it happens rarely as you mentioned, then maybe the more important factor to take into consideration is your audience. Questions are asked by the audience only when they can relate sufficiently with what you are trying to say. Maybe this time you and your audience were not on the same page.
  16. Hey all! I am still waiting for the decisions from some universities like Michigan State and Purdue where I applied for master's in Biomedical Engineering. I applied to them way back in October and the status of my application has been the same ever since. Why are they taking so much time???
  17. Anxiously Hopeful

    Does a longer wait mean that you are on the waitlist?

    Yes, I have checked the results section and I saw a post regarding rejection from Purdue for the masters BME program.
  18. Anxiously Hopeful

    Venting Thread- Vent about anything.

    Had an interview with a professor at 2:30 AM (I am an international student). I was already a bit drowsy and on top of that, the POI started suggesting other options for me like applying to other universities and the lack of funding he has. WHY THE HELL DID HE SCHEDULE THE INTERVIEW WHEN HE DID NOT HAVE THE FUNDING?? TO MAKE MY CHRONIC ANXIETY EVEN WORSE? Okay, maybe that was an overreaction. Maybe I was not a strong candidate. I should just move on.
  19. Anxiously Hopeful

    Would you rather get a rejected on a Friday or a Monday? (poll!)

    I would rather get rejected on a Friday so that I can cry, reflect, and introspect all weekend and then start the new week in the focused-optimist-survival mode.
  20. Anxiously Hopeful

    The Positivity Thread

    Although I have heard only from two schools out of seven, I just re-read the acceptance letter today and that brought a smile to my face.
  21. Anxiously Hopeful

    emailing the POI

    As @ray92 has rightly pointed out that if the POI did interview you then you can ask him about the status of your application. However, if you have not contacted the POI then also you can email him but instead of coming straight to the point, you should introduce yourself first, expand on your interests, let him know that you have submitted the application and you are looking forward to working with him.
  22. Anxiously Hopeful

    Grad school application - research opportunity

    You can politely let her know her via email that you have submitted the application and that you are looking forward to working with her.
  23. Anxiously Hopeful

    Is it customary to apply to your Alma Mater?

    Congratulations on your acceptances It is obviously your choice about where you would like to get your higher education and you don't have to feel obliged to apply to your alma mater. Having degrees from as many different schools as possible is considered great because that shows your potential and adaptability. So go ahead and enroll in one of the top schools.
  24. Anxiously Hopeful

    How to remind a professor without being annoying

    Mail the professor personally and let him/her know that the deadline is approaching and the recommendation is required urgently.
  25. Anxiously Hopeful

    Balance Work and App?

    The very fact that you are determined to balance your work-life and the whole application process is a brave endeavor and you certainly deserve a pat on your back. Even though I have never been in such a situation, my friends have been and I have seen many of them give up on their dreams of getting a higher education while others going ahead to pursue it. Do all you can to keep higher studies in your mind. Think about it every day and how much intellectual satisfaction it would give you which a mundane job wouldn't. I hope the best for you.

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