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  1. I would like to request anyone to review or proofread my letter and I am open to suggestions so that I can increase my chance of acceptance. This is my first draft and I will PM it for anyone who is willing to review.
  2. I am sorry, that was not unprofessional from their side. I looked up and found out that this is the part of the application (stage 1 and 2) that first, your application is reviewed by the admission committee and then it sends to the faculty. So, if the faculty will show interest then they will interview me otherwise you will be rejected.
  3. Yes, I was checking for the past 7 days. I mailed them today maybe they will reply. But unfortunately, this is very unprofessional from their side.
  4. Hello everyone, I am an international student applied to Ryerson University for masters in biomedical physics. On the 16th of April, I got a mail that I was selected for the faculty interview and it is scheduled for 2 and 3 May. On 23rd April Graduate Program Administrator mailed me that she will schedule my interview closer to the date but after that I haven't recieved a mail about the timing of interview. Today is 3rd May and I am getting very tensed about this situation. What should I do ? please help me
  5. congrats for your acceptance. what was your GPA ? I have also applied for MSc biomedical-physics at Ryerson univ.
  6. I have applied for the MSc program. Has anyone else applied and waiting for a decision?
  7. Is everyone sleeping ? Please show some love and review my SOP thank you
  8. STATEMENT OF PURPOSE In Physics, the understanding of light has evolved over the past few centuries and has enabled it to play a critical role in shaping each and every branch of science and engineering. Medical field has benefited from it the most where light forms the basis of optical imaging. Indeed, what intrigued me most is the “production of sound by light” when I was first introduced to a concept of photoacoustic (PA) imaging in my master’s thesis. While working on my thesis, I studied many articles including “Listening for the sound of cancer” which altogether inspired me to pursu
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