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  1. Any idea what they mean by this? Just a standard sentence, or are they changing the qualifications for applications? I was under the impression after second year you were unable to apply anymore.
  2. Mine is still under eval ¯\_(ツ)_/¯, probably a troll. Edit: but, if not, sorry to hear that. Hopefully you get the chance to apply again!
  3. Back up, no change Edit: meaning, still under eval, etc.
  4. Is the site down for anyone else? I'm getting a 'The site can't be reached' error. Maybe they're updating the site now...?
  5. They don't normally give out comments like how nsf does. Last year the company running it just said 'didn't make it past initial review', 'past initial review, but not to subject matter experts' 'final review/wait list' or 'accepted'. It's been handled by a new company every year for the past few years though, so it's hard to say for certain if that'll change.
  6. @GradNt SLC for me, so it's reasonable for a Friday here. ARO for me, still saying 2/28 on my end. I'll update tomorrow if it changes...Gonna try to get some sleep, haven't been able to get a good rest the past few nights now that I know this is getting announced soon..
  7. @3st3rb Nice! Throw me in as Civil/Environmental Engineering, ARO. Hopefully we find out sooner rather than later
  8. Honorable mention for me this go round. Congrats to everybody that got it! Now to wait for Ndseg...
  9. Mine says the same, 2/28/2020.
  10. I did receive two separate emails. One on Dec 5th saying - 'Thank you for applying....if your application is complete, it will be validated to continute...if modifications and/or clarifications are required.. etc.' Then a second, separate email, on Dec 16th saying 'Your application has been validated and is eligible to continue..' It'd probably be best to email/call them to see. It may be that they just haven't gotten to yours yet; I submitted mine a day early. Best of luck
  11. Same, came through this morning saying that its eligible to continue through the eval process.
  12. Just hit submit on mine, says it went through! Good luck everyone!
  13. I haven't heard anything yet, either way. They said they'd let everyone know by the end of April (which I still think is a bit ambitious, but who knows). Unless I'm mistaken, NSF doesn't even send out the link to accept until the 29th, so it could still be a week or two if some NSF+NDSEG winners were waiting for the link to officially turn down NDSEG. But, who knows. Fingers crossed for the both of us!
  14. I applied back in 2017, and was made an alternate, and never received any comments. I think that was the last year ASEE did it though, so I'm not sure if the new operators do it any differently.
  15. Just checked my application - Alternate Awardee List. Congrats to everyone who got it! Looks like at least another week of waiting for us on the alternates list though, what with NSF not announcing till the 9th. Edit: just got the email with the descriptions like stressedugrad posted above. Seems like its all a bit staggered.
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