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  1. Is there anybody here also waiting for an answer from UPenn or UMinnesota? I really don't know why it takes them so long to provide us a decision. Should I presume I got rejected?
  2. Does anyone have information about UPenn? I saw some admissions on the search page several days ago. I hope those were not the last.
  3. I received an e-mail yesterday from Rice to schedule an interview with the admission committee. I think they're starting to release the invites. I wish you luck!
  4. Actually, he did it for several other PhD programs, including BioE. Here is his original post on reddit, if it's on your interest. https://www.reddit.com/r/gradadmissions/comments/7srxxy/decision_timelines_for_particular_universities/
  5. No, I found it on a website. A student did it during 2018 based on thegradcafe's self-reported admission data. The complete list is here: https://imgur.com/a/Tng2r
  6. Those statistics based on thegradcafe (from 2018) show that Georgia Tech generally releases the results in February. But don't take them as a rule.
  7. I have a stupid doubt. As mentioned above, some universities are already releasing a few decisions. In this rolling admission process, are the first students to be accepted the ones who applied before? Or are they simply the most qualified candidates? I know that universities may work quite differently from each other, but I was just curious about it.
  8. You're certainly right. Thanks for your replying. The main problem is that Spring admissions at these universities are conditionate to available spots, which is never guaranteed. I take the risk of applying for a program that will not be able to admit anybody for Spring term. In fact, as I am from Brazil, I don't know pretty much how the process of Spring admissions works in the US. Have you ever applied for Spring, Noegenesis? Is this really how things work on Spring admissions?
  9. Hi everyone. I'm planning to apply for a PhD in Chemical Engineering for a Spring term intake. Therefore, I contacted via e-mail some US universities that accept Spring admissions (I checked it on their websites). However, most of those universities said that "very few students are admitted for Spring", "we admit for Spring only if there are available spots" or "if a professor requests a Spring admission for a certain student, we can consider it". Based on all these answers, I understand that most of those universities does not have a cohort for Spring admitted students, but can accept some students occasionally according to the department’s needs. As the main term of admission is Fall, I am afraid that Spring admissions for engineering graduate programs are so less common (or rare) that it might not worth the try. My point is: does a Spring application worth the try for most engineering PhD programs? Has anyone here ever been admitted for Spring in a Chemical Engineering graduate program (or related areas) in a US university? Thanks in advance!
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