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  1. I think it is now up to you to make the most out of the offer you accepted. Given that you listed many things in its favor, I believe it will not be too hard for you. Don't fret about whether you made the right decision, make this decision the right one.
  2. Note that I am an Econ PhD student, so temper my advice accordingly. Many students (myself included) do undergraduate degrees in math/stats (plus a second degree in econ) then do a PhD in econ. The prospects are just much better, and the program is mathematically easier. If you allow me to group (math/stats) and (econ/poli sci), you're not that far off from this situation. You are probably missing the foundational poli sci courses and/or intermediate econ courses to be admitted, but many good programs will be drooling over your quant background. The Stanford Poli Sci PhD "expects that prospective students have had sufficient exposure to the field for them to develop a clear statement of purpose for attending our graduate program," and " applicants are required to submit a written sample that will certainly justify students having previously studied political science." So you need to produce a Poli Sci writing sample, and letters of recommendation from Poli Sci faculty.
  3. I'm sorry that you're going through this. Mental health accommodations are a tricky thing - they must be infinitely available to those that need them, but impossible to abuse. Every school I have been a part of refuses to retroactively accommodate; it sounds like yours is the same. Maybe you should see if you can reapply next year - you are already familiar with the faculty and you have proven that you are capable of doing the work.
  4. It sounds like the professor that gave you that reply believes you want to enter during the spring semester. Are you specifying that you're targeting Fall 2020?
  5. I have not tried this technique, but I want to comment how measured and useful it could be. I believe one will find that, given they are in the situation to use this, it is easy to justify one's prior decision ex post and feel good about it. I will be recommending this to others.
  6. I think you should take a step back and examine why you feel this way about the individuals in your cohort, rather than speak poorly of them and pass judgement.
  7. Assuming you have a decent AW, yes your scores are good.
  8. What's the quality of your school? What math classes have you taken?
  9. Good luck! My math camp starts tomorrow. Also excited.
  10. What econ courses have you taken? What math courses have you taken? How does your GRE score break down into Verbal/Quant? What is your GPA on a four point scale? Who will write your letters of recommendation? What interests do you have in economics? All of these questions will help us guide you.
  11. Congrats! I'm really excited to be going the other way. In fact, many of my second-year classes will be 6 weeks. For semester classes, the big thing is when your breaks are, and how often. My old school had no breaks but a week off two weeks before classes were over. That semester hurt.
  12. Keep in mind that I have no experience with this; I am purely interpreting the information you wrote here. Ask your contacts at the school you got your master's at. The only reason it must come up is if you were formally dismissed, which I doubt. It seems to me that the application is looking more for behavioral/conduct issues than poor performance and I do not see it as unethical to not offer that information. That being said, I believe it is possible to use it to your advantage. You learned a valuable lesson and defined your academic interests.
  13. This is very school-dependent. Look at the school's housing website to find all this information.
  14. This question is incredibly vague. What field? What are your subfield interests? What are your qualifications?
  15. I do not know if a top-30 program will accept you, due to your poor grades and the academic dishonesty. I can't really advise beyond that, as I do not know exactly how your dishonesty will affect you. But maybe you could do a master's degree to compensate for the bad grades?
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