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  1. I just really need to vent. So, I’m a second year grad student and uprooted my established life to be in a new city with no friends. With my last cohort, everyone was awesome, got along well, and very social with each other. You could basically see if people wanted to do something on any given day and you would definitely get a few people to hang out. I mistakenly thought this new cohort would be the same. It’s been a year now, and I feel horribly isolated and have no real friends locally. I’m a pretty social person and down for whatever, but nobody in my cohort really wants to hang out at all. It’s awful. Yeah, I get that people are busy, so am I. But over the course of a year, I have tried to get people together to hang out, drink, play games, you name it. Of all the times I’ve suggested stuff, I’ve managed to get people in my cohort to hang out ONE TIME. And I’ve made countless suggestions over the year. Maybe I suck? I haven’t developed enough rapport? I have no clue. But it’s awful. Has anyone experienced this with their department??? Please tell me I’m not alone I’m feeling this way. #feelinghellaisolatedandsad
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