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  1. Hello everyone, I just received an acceptance letter from the University of Alberta for MEng Electrical and Computer Engineering. It was sent by the FGSR. I applied on February 9, with my last reference being submitted on February 29. So for anyone who applied after, don't give up hope yet, seems they stick to the 2-3 month window for review! I'm so relieved, now I might get a good nights rest
  2. Actually just re-checked the equivalance (uk to us conversion) and it's 3.74 ? Fingers crossed it's just down to the fact my last referee submitted his reference on February 28th ? so that means some notification 2-3 months after hence May for latest...
  3. Hi all, I am currently awaiting a response from the U of Alberta for Fall 2018 (MEng). Given that we are almost in May, I am preparing for the worst. I have therefore looked at Winter term admissions at Universities in Canada. Is it too late to apply to Winter Term admissions, broadly speaking? Sure, the deadlines on the admission pages are months away but as I realise now these programs are so competitive that the deadlines hardly matter. I am willing to apply to tier 2/3 universities as well. For some people these application fees can become quite tiresome! Thanks!
  4. Hi all, I recently came to realise that Canadian master's programmes sometimes have funding opportunities that can cover all tuition fees, and even some living expenses - automatically awarded on admission to that programme. However, navigating the Canadian education system has been like a minefield for an international student who studied undergrad (abroad) in the UK. After researching forums and such, I got the impression that mostly Canadian students get these opportunities. How competitive is it exactly for international students? For example, I hold a BEng(Hons) in the 1st Clas
  5. Are there many people still waiting for a response from University of Alberta? I haven't had any update since the application was progressed to Under Review at the start of March or so. Hoping it's out tomorrow or next week. Weekends are so long when you're waiting anxiously.
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