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  1. An American currently doing my MA in the UK, studying the VIking Age. Bit the bullet and pulled out loans. Thinking about applying for PhD in both UK and US but definitely following the funding this time, can't afford getting deeper in the hole. Currently taking Old Norse and Old English but am considering taking a year off to work (chip away that debt), hone my research abilities, and get some Latin, German, and Icelandic under my belt. Thoughts? Should I go straight to my PhD from MA? I went straight from BA to MA and I am a bit concerned about burnout, as I will potentially be studyin
  2. If you saw this on r/gradschool, I also posted it there. Hey all, I was recently accepted to an MA in Viking and Anglo-Studies program at the University of Nottingham. I was sent the reading list for the various modules I can take during the one year program, with around 8 modules available. My question is: how much of this should I tackle before my program starts in two months? I'm sure the answer from most people will be "as much as possible" but my first caveat with that answer is that in a couple of the lists have a disclaimer that not all of the readings will be read throug
  3. Finally accepted to a Master's program! Accepted to The University of Nottingham's MA in Viking and Anglo-Saxon Studies. Waiting on funding. In the words of Kevin Garnett: "Anything is possible!!!!"
  4. Rejected from Western Michigan University, first response. Please send love and hugs.
  5. Yeah, I think the merit of it being University of Toronto means that a one-year is expected and should be good for anyone considering PhD. For personal reasons, I like it, because it allows a bit of a jump on other applicants in two-year MA programs. As well, it probably means it's challenging, which I like, since it keeps me on focus. @eadwacer, I'm incredibly jealous you already have acceptances. But go you!
  6. Seems to me that the traffic on GradCafe has slowed down some over the past few weeks, which suggests that people are hopefully making decisions about their programs! Who here wants to commiserate over the fact that no graduate programs have released decisions for them yet? That's where I'm at and it's a tad nerve-wracking.
  7. To combat the boredom and anxiety waiting for acceptances, as well as trying to fill my time while unemployed and fully studenting (I really shouldn't have free time, but somehow I do) I established a book list for the year. They aren't incredibly long, and I've limited them to one book a month, but hey that's 12 more books than I would have read last year outside of class and research. 1) The Infernal City - (any Elder Scrolls fans here? They made BOOKS) 2) Lord of Souls (sequel to TIC) 3) Conquest of Bread by Kropotkin 4) Anarchism by Guiren 5) Life of an Anarchist: Alexander B
  8. I suppose I will piggyback off this, since @eadwacer and I share similar focuses! I am a medievalist interested in the Viking Age, with particular focus on the performance of gender, magic, and the conversion as attested to in the Icelandic sagas. It's nice to see someone also focused on liminality! I know that's a fledgling area of study in medieval European history, as I've seen some conference papers from the last few years. I am also interested in identity, such as the identity of the English based on Scandinavian settlement and the Danelaw. Last thing I'm interested in is Scandinavian mat
  9. I actually met with my therapist yesterday and discussed this very topic. His advice was essentially: "look at where you've been, and use that to judge your potential." For instance, he asked me how it went when I applied to bachelor's, with me stating that I got in everywhere I applied and even made it into the honors program where I am finishing my bachelor's. I think instead of doubting yourself, you should think about all that you have achieved and that it's probably pretty likely you'll make it into grad school, and even if you don't, that doesn't make all the things you've done and accom
  10. I am applying to Boston College as well! For MA in History, anyways. I really hope they get it over with.
  11. What is your backup plan, should you not be admitted or receive funding for the programs you want? My plan is to move out to California to go live with my girlfriend, and then reapply. Distance sucks either way, but this way, I have a silver lining.
  12. Emailed adcomms at WMU and UofT and both are currently reviewing applications. Supposed to hear something in the next two weeks. ._.
  13. First post! Applying to five programs, with one specifically in history and the other four specifically in medieval studies. All Master's, as I have a rather low GPA and a dearth of experience in history, due to switching my focus from psychology to history rather late in the game. Recently contacted two of my schools, both of which let me know they were making their decisions within the next two weeks. Note: knowing this has not alleviated my anxiety. Luck to all!
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