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  1. From the original post: This is not a thread about completing a terminal MA in order to improve a later application to a PhD. OP was specifically asking about misleading their institution by accepting a position at a PhD program with the full knowledge that they plan to leave in a few years in order to maximize job prospects at a "better" school. The potential for this to backfire is immense. While there may be cases of someone successfully pulling this off, it's not exactly behavior to be emulated.
  2. This depends on when you're moving, but very frequently there's an office in charge of offloading the stuff left behind by students from the previous year. My undergrad college held a few garage-type sales in the summer, and that was mostly stuff left by undergrads living in dorms. You can reach out to the graduate school and find out if there's something similar, or if they can put you in touch with people looking to get rid of their belongings before they move away. It's a good way to pick up things like microwaves, desks, lamps, etc. for cheap.
  3. My advice would be to negotiate. It is expected and it will not reflect badly on you to ask whether they can match the other school's offer. You don't need to justify your request, if matching is all that you're after, especially since you're asking for a relatively small increase. If it helps, however, think of the $2k as the difference between attending conferences or not, traveling for research or not, having an emergency fund or not, maybe even saving for retirement or not. If this is a doctoral program, it's not just $2k, it's at least $10k over five years. Adjust for cost of living
  4. I would say (and this is quite a simplification) that you shouldn't worry about an HoS degree from Harvard bogging you down further down the line. The fact that it's Harvard will outweigh any reservations search committees might have about hiring a historian with a degree in HoS instead of a historian with a degree in plain ol' history. Most HoS doctorates find employment in history departments anyway, since history of science departments are so rare. The questions I would ask are whether you will be able to study your chosen period and region with enough specificity within the structure
  5. Princeton's HoS is a standalone degree within the History department. It's not a standalone department, though it has a separate application process from the History PhD. The relationship between the departments is sort of moot, given they are in fact the same department. For what it's worth, Cambridge is significantly stronger than Oxford for HoS, in terms of both name recognition and topic coverage. You'll know your interests and presumably have weighed the programs against those yourself, but Cambridge is known for HoS in ways that Oxford is not.
  6. Which is not to say that other institutions in the US are any better, founded as they all are on legacies of genocide.
  7. I'm personally trying not to dread moving there any more than I am already.
  8. Use this link: https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/10XIYhIw4fCbUend2WkA3iujfftu9TrXwR-YKcgr3JKo/edit#gid=693576939 DO NOT detach or unlink from Drive, as this will result in altering the permissions for the document and revoking public access to the file.
  9. That is absolutely enough to live on. Cost of living in New York is high, but that stipend is scaled appropriately. You'll have to be careful with your finances, and you may want to sit down with an accountant to be sure you have a handle on what your taxes will be in your first year, but if you manage to keep your rent and utilities below $1000 a month you will be fine. If you're willing to live with at least one other person, it's easier to do that than you think, even if you choose to leave Columbia's subsidized apartments. If Columbia offers commuter benefits, then you can sign up for
  10. Great idea! Thanks for setting up this thread. I work on medieval medicine and technology, with an emphasis on material culture. I applied almost exclusively to History programs. This my second application cycle for PhD programs, but my third application cycle total. I applied and was accepted to some fantastic MA programs in the UK and Ireland year after year, and every time made the decision not to go into debt for a terminal degree in the humanities, even though MAs are increasingly viewed as a prerequisite for medievalists. Last year I only applied to four PhD programs, and was waitli
  11. May I suggest that you elaborate in one of the other threads? Just so that this one remains easy to use for the intended purpose.
  12. I'm not sure if this is true for others, but I've made edits that aren't showing up when I follow that link. Is it possible to share as a Google Sheet so it opens in the editable format? According to some quick googling, if the privacy setting is "anyone with a link can edit" everyone should show up as an anonymous animal (rather than displaying one's gmail).
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