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    American History R_Escobar (20th century, American Indian), crazedandinfused (antebellum, intellectual), hopin'-n-prayin' (southern, religious), stevemcn (transnational), Simple Twist of Fate (early American), zb642 (20th century, labor/working-class culture), BCEmory08 (19th-20th century Catholicism, labor), irvinchiva10 (20th century, immigration/immigration reform) natsteel (early American political culture and intellectual history) unforth (19th century US political and military history, US Civil War) hbeels (colonial, early national, 19th century, transappalachain west, historical memory
  2. getitlow

    Buffalo, NY

    Long time no visit this thread and to APOCooter: I answered part of your concern in UB's thread. I cannot believe that I'm moving to Buffalo in less than 3 weeks. What's going to be the first thing that I should do on my first day? Bike around Amherst and see the campus? (I want to try the stampede and see how it works with my route to school) or venturing downtown, Elmwood, etc. Seriously though, I really need to learn how to navigate around before class begins shortly after.
  3. I would like to contribute to one aspect of the application process- that is the potential adviser. Make sure when you choose where to apply, balance between applying to your favorite schools/departments and to schools where your potential advisers are located. Of course, it is an ideal situation when these two aforementioned factors happen to converge. From my personal experience, I tend to prioritize advisers that match my specific field of interest over the schools/departments so in the last application season, I was very careful about where to apply and I spent almost the whole summer digg
  4. I received my TA assignment, a course syllabus for Asian historiography, and some words from my potential adviser. For me, summer has been really chilled and low-key so I'm sort of in the mood for the semester to come already. I will start moving in early August and get my apartment furnished. This is my first time renting unfurnished housing so it's a headache to think of what to get and whatnots
  5. That's true though. I think it is the case for many places. Good luck with your application!
  6. From what I know, they have quite an impressive engineering program. I think their best ranked one was civil engineering. I'm also curious about public transportation discount too. I heard from my fellow program-mates that UB used to distribute free monthly pass for the metro rail and bus in large amount for the first 200 or 300 students who needed those. I have no single clue whether that program is still running or is discontinued. I'm biking next year because I will be living in Amherst so I guess I don't have to worry much about using public transportation except when doing grocery-sh
  7. getitlow

    Buffalo, NY

    I initially wanted to live in Amherst too but after a while doing research, I figure it's better to live in downtown so that you can be close to everything. I'm a very "city" person so I think I will be better off living in that area of the city. What are you studying?
  8. that's really nice if you can drive to Buffalo. I've been to downtown during the visit weekend and I totally loved it. It's a very historic city and it provides a history buff like me with everything. Public transportation is not too bad either. You can easily get to campus with the metro train and UB stampede. On a side note, I still haven't settled down with the housing issue. There are apparently too many options and I'm clueless about the real quality of these housing ads. We have a thread of Buffalo in the "city" session on this forum. Maybe you can get some useful information from t
  9. But apparently these companies seem to own a lot of good-looking, decent apartments those areas you mentioned are where I want to live too. If there is too much rush and I have yet to find housing once the semester approaches, worst comes to worse I will look at the on-campus grad housing. Do you have a lot of experiences with craiglist? I'm not used to dealing with housing up there at all. Your classes must be taking place at the South campus since you are doing biostatistics, which will help you with a shorter commute distance. I'm doing a PhD in history so most of my classes will be he
  10. Hi. What program are you doing next fall at UB? It seems to me that a lot of people from UB are on here but not posting (judging by the result research page). I just barely started to look for housing....
  11. SUNY Buffalo yield was 8 offer acceptances out of 8 admits this year after the visit. We indeed have a very small cohort, which was exactly what I was aiming for from the beginning. Hopefully this does not sound like self-promotion but we have excellent scholars across 6 major fields with many who used to and currently serve as outside committee members for grad students at other schools. I discover during my visit that the department never really cared about ranking and try to keep the size of cohort at low level over years. The New York State Public Humanity initiatives group including SUNY
  12. getitlow

    Buffalo, NY

    Thank you for the insight. I visited the campus and it actually took me a while to figure out that North campus is actually further from downtown than South campus. Do you think commuting about 40 minutes (maybe even more) every day on public transportation (metro rail, city bus, UB stampede) in exchange of living in Allentown or Elmwood, or anywhere downtown worth it? For me, as a history grad student, I can always enjoy some reading on these long commuting route but I'm not sure it will be a pleasant thing to do in the long run. Any feedback ?! I'm considering South campus too. I may wa
  13. My Penn State waitlist did not work out so I made my decision. Sent the forms to formally accept the offer at SUNY Buffalo PhD program. oh and I did not forget to decline my poorly funded offer from NYU. I'm glad this is over and a new semester is coming. It's been a great year on Gradcafe !
  14. visited SUNY Buffalo over the weekend and I was impressed by the department.

  15. Congrats ! If you join the cohort at Binghamton, we would be SUNY-mate because I will probably go for SUNY Buffalo. I'm visiting this weekend and trying to jot down in my note as many questions I can pose to the DGS and graduate students there possible (apparently I'm having dinner with everyone !). I know this may be old and repetitive but did anyone in our thread do campus visit so far? Besides all the classic questions on faculty, job placement, research funding, what other interesting points am I missing here? Thanks guys!
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