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  1. Henry Hudson

    Amherst, MA vs Buffalo, NY

    Amherst, definitely. A cluster of small college towns with great quality of life and culture, close to metropolitan commercial centers, in a geographically beautiful part of the world - in all seasons. Buffalo is not without its perks, of course, but not early on the same par.
  2. Henry Hudson

    Nothing but bad news... so now what?

    I was in that position last year, but decided I had set my sights too high (only applied to three top-tier schools). I sent out four apps this time; if I do not get in anywhere, I am done. Not getting into the first round of acceptances this year was discouraging, especially for Rutgers (as their rarely seems to be a second round). Onl one actual rejection thus far, but I am not particularly optimistic at all right now. In prior years, I would get into all but one of my choices. Now I cannot seem to get into any. I guess leaving one PhD program has been the kiss of death for me. This will be it for me, win or lose.
  3. Henry Hudson

    Keep a Word, Drop a Word

    Branch out
  4. Henry Hudson

    Another week of...nothing.

    three of my four schools have begun accepting people, according to the results search, and two of those I really thought I could be a top contender for. 'under review.' 'under review.' 'under review.' 'under review.' blah.
  5. Henry Hudson

    Keep a Word, Drop a Word

    Camera lens
  6. Henry Hudson

    is SUNY stony brook a good uni?

    I cannot speak for specific programs, but in general it is not as difficult to get into as Ivy League, Berkeley, UMich or the like, but it is generally well ranked. Use the Results Search feature, and use key word searches, to get a general sense of acceptance/rejection ratios for your program. Just remember they only show results from people who have entered them on this forum, not the total applicant pool. But it is a start.
  7. Henry Hudson

    Fall 2015 Applicants

    It is perfectly fine to say that you are waiting to see what other results you get, so you can make the best decision. It is also fair game to tell schools what others are offering to see if they will sweeten their offer.
  8. Henry Hudson

    Which Countries Have You Travelled/Lived in?

    I am American, and have I have lived in Canada (BC, Ontario, and Newfoundland, plus spent plenty of time in Alberta and Quebec. I've been to all provinces and 2 territories). I have also been to: In the Americas: Mexico, Costa Rica, and the French overseas territory of St. Pierre and Miquelon In Europe: Iceland, Norway, Sweden, Denmark, Scotland, England, Northern Ireland, Ireland, France, Luxembourg, Belgium, Netherlands, Germany, Austria, Liechtenstein, Switzerland, Italy and Vatican City.
  9. Henry Hudson

    Keep a Word, Drop a Word

    Sled dog
  10. Henry Hudson

    Ever met someone famous?

    as a waiter, I once waited on Mercedes Ruehl (from Frasier, the Fisher King, etc). as a journalist, i met Al Roker, Kate Pierson (of the B-52s), Frank Serpico, Eliot Spitzer, Hilary Clinton, Kirsten Gillibrand, and a few other politician-types (oh, and several times talked to Chuck Schumer on the phone, if that counts). While I was in art restoration, I met Al Roker and Jack Cannon (an old TV actor). In chance meetings, i have met Neil Gaiman and Amanda Palmer at my local bookstore, and actor John Shea (Lex Luther on 'Lois and Clark') at an Irish bar in NYC. In other chance meetings, I encountered (but did not actually 'meet') George Pataki, Al Sharpton, kd lang, Amanda Plumber, William Devane, Chris Jansing (NBC news), and Senator Paul Simon. at comic book conventions, I have met Margot Kidder, Richard Hatch (original BSG), and tons of semi-famous comics people. I once had dinner with scifi author Poul Anderson, before I knew who he was (I still have never read any of his works, I confess). Added: Oh, and Adam West! how could I forget Adam West!?
  11. Henry Hudson

    Is this at all a hint I might get in?

    I ditto MathCat, although I once had such an acceptance just waiting for that one delayed recommendation. So it could be nothing, or it could be something. I suggest keeping hopes positive but not way up in the clouds.
  12. Henry Hudson

    Fall 2015 Applicants

    keep the faith! I have not heard from anyone yet, although 3 of my 4 schools have begun acceptances. My 4th, GMU, based on past results, might be accepting any day now. Maybe we'll both get in there!
  13. Henry Hudson

    Keep a Word, Drop a Word

    Robin Scherbatsky
  14. Henry Hudson

    How long would it take

    too many variables to say: the school , the dept/program, the funding, internal issues. Some depts seem to go in multiple waves, others seem to only do second batches after applicants decline. Other depts seem to do a wave, then make later decisions on an individual basis. The best thing to do is use the search results feature and look at how your school/program has done things on recent years.
  15. Henry Hudson

    Grads in New Zealand

    A year and a half ago I poked into an opportunity to go to Otago. I didn't work out, though.

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