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  1. I haven’t heard anything, so presumably I didn’t get in. Congrats, in any case! Looks like you have quite the decision to make!
  2. I didn’t have an interview as I’m already a Columbia student and thus a known quantity. If you have an interview scheduled you’re obviously still in consideration, so don’t sweat it.
  3. Thanks! I have no special insight, unfortunately. It doesn’t seem like anyone else has posted a result today, so maybe they’re sent out piecemeal. Good luck!
  4. Hey! I received some very helpful advice earlier in this thread, so I figure that I should follow up and let everyone know how my cycle turned out. Ultimately, despite being told by my advisor that they "really wanted me to come," I was rejected outright at RSEA. At Columbia, my advisor had asked that I be admitted to the Ph.D. program, but, as he had a number of Ph.D. students already, had a fairly weak hand in the committee. I was eventually admitted to Columbia's EALAC M.A. program with a generous funding package (half-tuition + a $30,000 stipend), and will be heading to New York in the fal
  5. Ah, I see. What do you hope to do after the program? Are you looking to do FLAS for a full year or just a summer? Roughly, I work on the social and intellectual history of the Song Dynasty (960-1279) - in the past my work has largely focused on the history of the family and kinship organization. I haven't, but I've never been particularly interested in religion, so that says nothing about the program - it may well be quite well-known/regarded. According to this page (https://gsas.columbia.edu/student-guide/financing-your-education/flas-fellowship-academic-year), it look
  6. I am planning to do a Ph.D., but I was told by my advisor that the committee wanted to be sure that my language skills were adequate before admitting me to the Ph.D. program (my writing sample didn't use any untranslated sources, though I took a gap year to study Chinese in Taipei to cap off the four years of Chinese I did as an undergrad, so I should be mostly good to go on that front I hope!). How about you? Are you planning to stick around for a Ph.D.? I didn't apply to FLAS, but I wouldn't really be able to use it for Chinese, and I'm planning to start learning Japanese once I get to
  7. Hey! I did! I'll be starting my M.A. in EALAC this fall. I've already got my uni and such set up, and am currently waiting to hear back regarding my housing application. What are you planning to do for housing?
  8. Do you know if he received funding?
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