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  1. I don't know which committee I was on but it would have been one for history. Also, my score was 13.8.
  2. I got upgraded to the Joseph Armand Bombardier CGS! So a regular fellowship should be available for someone else!
  3. I felt the same way. I received my letter three days ago. However, I was sitting outside waiting for the mail person and I watched him put a brown envelope in my neighbor's mailbox and then skip my house. I stopped him and asked about the mail but he said there was nothing for my house. I went and knocked on my neighbor's door and there was no answer. So I looked in their mailbox and that brown envelope was my letter from SSHRC. So mistakes do happen. I definitely felt horrible going through my neighbor's mailbox but I just knew it was my letter. I also saw my neighbor the next day and told him what I did. LOL.
  4. Are any of you planning to give a "thank you" card to your letter writers?
  5. What committee? I think the scores for each award vary by committee, so I'm just curious! I got 13.8 and the regular sshrc.
  6. Thankfully also got my notification from my school, but the postal worker just came and went and there was no letter! I'm in Guelph.
  7. Congrats! Yay! What a wait! I had a little cry already around lunch preparing for defeat. LOL.
  8. I just received news from Waterloo that I won a SSHRC fellowship! The email came at 3:45 pm.
  9. Yes, keep me posted if you hear anything! I will do the same!
  10. I have not heard from Waterloo and I just found out a few minutes ago from the chair of my department that she hasn't heard anything as well.
  11. I've definitely been playing around on Lotus tarot! LOL.
  12. Interesting. I am not a current SSHRC holder and I got it. The email was from someone in the grad awards office to my grad coordinator and said to please forward the info to those who are eligible to apply. But honestly, I think the grad coordinator is lazy and probably emailed it to our entire department. LOL.
  13. Did they email you by name? My school sent an email a week ago to the grad students in my department. It was sent by the grad coordinator and included a pdf about how to apply but it wasn't an individualized email.
  14. Don't feel so bad. You honestly can't control how your external reader will react (I also read your post on reddit). I'm a second year PhD and my advisor said he did not recommend a specific prof I was interested in for my committee because he is really critical and difficult. He would not have known this if that professor didn't invite him to his home university to help review one of his upcoming books. So I feel like I am dodging a bullet. It's not always a lack of skill, but sometimes problematic people. Work super hard this month and I'm sure everything will work out. ❤️
  15. Good luck Adelaide9216! I'm sure everything will turn out for you! Sending you positive vibes!
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