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  1. News made it to California today! Made the cut with 19.8. I think it's crazy and I can barely believe it. Good luck for all direct applicants still waiting!
  2. @baddie Hey thanks !! I did, but I'm still undecided. It's a big decision, one that will impact my life for the next six years, so I'm taking my time.
  3. @baddie I took an extension to answer; I'll have a decision early next week. I also heard the UofT only takes one international student a year.
  4. Mine is still at "decision made." But this could mean that some of the students who were admitted as first picks rejected the offers, freeing up spots--hopefully you'll be hearing something soon.
  5. I agree with @condivi. Unpaid grad school is not worth it, especially with today's grim job market. But if your question is around prestige, then yes, Cambridge is more prestigious than Toronto. Please note that prestigious does not necessarily mean "better." If I were you, I would inquire with Cambridge about funding and nudge UofT for a response. Hope this helps.
  6. Hi, UofT has several strong faculty in Renaissance/early modern, so I believe it would be worth your consideration if you get in. I first received a phone call, then a letter from the department on the 14th. I'm into contemporary visual culture. Best of luck!
  7. @MaytheSchwartzBeWithYou I doubt it. It's a long, long way for me and I'll be in Thailand just a week prior. Also, can't take an extra week off work + dent in my tiny pocket. Will you let me know how it goes?
  8. @MaytheSchwartzBeWithYou It's going slow...painfully so. Thankfully I did get admitted to the University of Toronto with funding. Top notch faculty, but not the cold. My top choice was NYU, but these went out already and I heard nothing. I was excited about UCSC too, given the emphasis on ecology. I'll wait and see what was the matter, I guess... I suppose round two may be in the stars for me too. I imagine UCSC to be a progressive hub where you can make solid connections of friends, intellectual and political comrades. Do you think you'll take it?
  9. Hi @MaytheSchwartzBeWithYou Congratulations! I saw your post on the results board. I can't say I heard anything. I thought I was a good fit though, so I'm not sure what happened. Anyway, I'm happy for you! What's your area? Are you, by any chance, an international student? I wanted to work with Tj Demos... oh well.
  10. @skydancer I settled on Orwell's Homage to Catalonia for now. But will definitely look into Thiet Van Nguyen's work. Thank you--that was super resourceful!
  11. Hi! I agree with you. There's a general delay that I also seem to ascribe to the political climate. UCSC, for instance, is almost a whole month late, that is, unless I wasn't admitted and noone's updated the results board. Which application is causing most of the anxiety? I want to read something that's well written, has a solid narrative, and is set in a fascist context. The writer, experienced with words, a historian at heart. Would you, by any chance, have any ideas? I'm mostly reading long form articles these days...
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