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  1. I seriously doubt they would look at that letter. It won't be a part of the application packet so it won't reach the evaluators. Rest easy.
  2. Well, award holders have until May 24th to accept or decline. So no one is likely to start coming off the waitlist until June-July but there was at least one person who got off last year's waitlist as late as February/March this year, according to one thread. I presume it is because of students leaving their program, probably at winter break. This is how I would look at it: 938 awards were given. If 2-3% decline then 18-28 more awards could come available (of course that could be lower or higher). Since our SSRCH thread seems to indicate that awards started at around the 12.7 - 12.8 rang
  3. Be sure to also look at the bursaries offered at the PhD school, because they can make up a bit while you re-apply for SSHRC. Usually you need to do another application for the school (a short one) to get those, often right in the Fall to get bursary money by January. I'm sure a big question for you is going to be which path will get you a job? I don't know numbers but I believe there are quite a lot of unemployed people with law degrees, so you might want to check in your field and look at those stats as well and compare. Good luck!
  4. The only thing I can think of is that maybe they judge you more critically the further you are into your program. So if the Program of Study doesn't change a lot the score goes down. It has to be strengthened significantly each year.
  5. Just received my envelope. It was brown and larger than last year's rejection. I scored 15.4 and received CGS-D. So for those who are worried that they didn't get it and scored low, let me tell you, I know how you feel, as that was me last year. Last year applying as I completed my MA, I only scored I think 6.5. My project tightened up, especially my theory and methods and I got more help looking over the program of study and worked on it over the summer. *** I was more careful to research and send to the correct committee this time (I chose very poorly last year and really got it wrong)
  6. You must be high up on the waitlist with that score WKLP. You should email to check where you are ranked because the top people often get it due to people turning it down if they got Vanier, another award, or a variety of other reasons. I am keeping my fingers crossed for you!!
  7. Thank you for posting. It seems like this is correct, although I am checking to see if there is an official acceptance form because it says to copy your SLO with your Notification of Decision. Tanya
  8. No mail for me today, north of Toronto. At least I know I got it, but I'd like to see how to go from here and scores, etc.
  9. I am losing my shit! I won a CGS-D !!!!! I can not believe it!!
  10. Did they change that? I had to apply for the 2017-2018 through the university where I was doing my Masters even though I was going somewhere else. Anyway, good luck!!
  11. Is the school where you are doing your Masters in Canada?
  12. I don't think so. The article I read said you can only get the results through the portal if you apply through the school. There is a link to it about a page back.
  13. Nothing in the regular mail today for me. My financial aid officer still can't get on the portal and is slammed with acceptances from incoming students so she can't try all day, I'm sure. She actually emailed me last night at 9 pm to let me know she hadn't checked the portal and to hang in. I appreciate her a lot and will try to wait patiently.
  14. Apparently the portal can be difficult to access at busy times or something. My financial aid person has not been able to get on yet. That could be why some schools don't even bother, especially if they only have one person and not a big department with multiple people who can access it. I thought this might be good information to have for people waiting and even for people next year trying to figure out why their school isn't getting info from the portal.
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