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  1. It's not renewable, but as mentioned above you can reapply and hold it up to your 4th year if you're continuously successful in the competition on a year by year basis. There is no guarantee, but you can reapply every year until year 3.
  2. I also don't really know the answer to this, but just so everyone knows there is more than one "committee 3" or more than one committee for each listed committee. Example there is a Committee 3A and Committee 3B etc so that makes things a bit difficult to compare definitively since SSHRC is no longer letting us know these details or our rankings or our score breakdowns (or anything helpful for that matter). I'm Committee 3 with a low 10 and waitlisted, so it sounds like you're at the higher end of the waitlist, however we don't know which specific sub committee we are on. Also its good to remember that roughly 20% of all SSHRC applicants are waitlisted, and that's quite a lot (I'm guessing 450 people). I've seen old threads where someone was notified by SSHRC they were top 1 or top 10 on the waitlist, and it was mid fall and they still hadn't heard. Sorry you're in this position. My advice would be try and prioritize what type of career you want to have the most. Do you want to practice law or do you want to be a professor or some other Phd related field? If you really want to practice law it may be worth the investment. Good luck! Also remember that universities aren't very forthcoming about funding packages when it comes to Phd's, they often have clawbacks on scholarships and you typically end up taking home less than what was advised (depending on the school).
  3. Yeah I have no idea but my guess is there are something like 13 committees in total (2204 applicants).
  4. Yeah I think every letter / every committee is interdisciplinary. And each category you could have picked upon submission has sub committees. So only SSHRC knows which one reviewed your proposal. Previously they would tell us by email, though this year I'm not sure if they are.
  5. Did someone on here post winning SSHRC with an 11 even or someone you know? That provides a bit of hope. I know some committees have overall higher ranks than others. But I was rejected last year with a 10.5 (112/170 no where near winning) and waitlisted this year (10ish) with an even lower score, uhg. The only way to know which specific committee is to email SSHRC directly.
  6. Waitlisted with a 10. something (low). Going to try to move on now as I'm likely at the end of the waitlist based on the other posts, and will try again next year. Good luck everyone!
  7. In response to your theory, Toronto typically takes longer to receive SSHRC letters year after year, I'm guessing because of the population density. It's not unusual for people in BC to have received their letters before GTA.
  8. That must be new this year because for the last two years they have forwarded me my exact committee ranking. So they give you no indication whatsoever on roughly where you are on the waitlist? That's disappointing. Thanks for the update though. I guess all we have to go on is our score.
  9. Based on my committee last year, 72 awarded, 33 applicants were waitlisted, 64 rejected. Old threads from quite a few years ago claimed that the waitlisted applicants from each committee are amalgamated into a mega waitlist. Claiming you may be 5th on your committee, but then 30th on the mega waitlist? Don't know if this is still the case or accurate? Again if anyone with experience being waitlisted from previous years could chime in with details on how this works? : )
  10. Did your physical letter provide any details on how the waitlist works, when you would be updated, or anything like that? Or it just provided your score/committee?
  11. Here for this! I'll update when I learn my score/ waitlist position. Hopefully someone with previous experience being on the waitlist can give us some insight as to roughly how much their position moved on the list in the past.
  12. I'm also waitlisted but don't have my score yet. Anyone want to start a new SSHRC 2018-2019 waitlist thread? We could share resources on how this works and make sense of waitlist movement/ what we might try and do differently for next fall (for those reapplying)? @phd_imposter_syndrome How much did you move on the waitlist before reaching top 10? Do you know what your initial waitlist position was as well as your final position on the waitlist? That would at least help us understand how much the list may move. Please let us know if possible : )
  13. I can confirm that when I applied as a direct applicant two years ago my institution did not have my results, and I had to wait 7+ days for it to arrive in the mail as SSHRC would not communicate results by email until I had received my letter.
  14. Can anyone provide any insight on waitlist movement, from experience or otherwise? If I remember correctly, my committee last year was something like 1-70 awarded, 70-108 waitlisted, and 109-170 unsuccessful. If someone had a general idea or access to stats on waitlist movement that would help some of us waitlisted people manage our hope/stress once we know our scores. Thx! congrats to the winners
  15. Keep in mind departmental ranking is only one part of the application, and I'm sure they are aware that different cohorts in different departments will have varying levels of strong applicants. I've seen people with lower departmental rankings win SSHRC over someone with a higher ranking. This whole thing is so subjective as we know. I received a very high departmental ranking last year and still lost. Anything is possible!
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