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  1. I am defending my MA thesis next week and would like to know what other's who have completed this stage in their program did to prepare: what worked? what didn't? what is something you wish you would have done? What is the best advice you'd give to others? Thanks! :)
  2. Weird... I already received mine on Friday (In Edmonton). Hopefully yours didn't get lost... Congrats on winning! Happy to get to celebrate a fellow U of A SSHRC winner!!
  3. Congrats!! I got the Bombardier from U of A and this is what it stated in the email: "The Tri-Agency recently released SSHRC Doctoral results to the University. You are receiving this email because you have been offered a Joseph-Armand Bombardier Canada Graduate Scholarship - Doctoral Program (CGS-D) - congratulations!"
  4. Congrats fellow U of A students! I also heard back this morning, won a Bombardier! Well worth the wait
  5. Thanks for the update! Although I wish we could know already I can breathe a sigh of relief. At least no news *might* be good news!
  6. Please keep us posted! I will do the same.
  7. This is good to know (as I believe we are both at U of A). Fingers crossed we also hear some good news back from our awards office today! Congratulations to those who have already won!
  8. Lol! Sounds about right, it feels like being inundated with useless/redundant emails is 50% of what grad school is!
  9. It was individualized with my name but I'm suspecting now from what others have said that it has to do with current CGS-M and Doctoral holders and has nothing to do with the current adjudication process.
  10. Ah ok, thank you! That could explain it. I'm also currently holding a CGS-M. Oh well, I was hoping it meant there was good news on the horizon!
  11. I am at U of A, and yes I got it from FGSR, but as Clinpysc01 said, I think it might just be sent to current CGS-M holders (which I currently am). I hope I didn't freak you out!
  12. Hey - I received an email from my institution notifying me about eligibility to apply for the CGS-MSFSS (Micheal Smith Foreign Study Supplement). Did anyone else receive this today? Does this mean that some schools might already know some results? Am I reading too far into this? Probably.
  13. Also in Edmonton, also waiting for news! I'll update this page as soon as I hear news
  14. Best of luck to everyone in the coming weeks! I applied for a SSHRC Doctoral for the first time this year - hoping we all get some good news by the end of this month!
  15. I just wanted to wish everyone the best of luck today! I remember how stressful this season was when I was applying for CGS-M's and I want to reiterate - as many supportive people on this forum already have - that the worth of your work and your potential is not valued by a scholarship. That being said I am rooting for all of you out there!!
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