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  1. Congrats! I'm curious: Would you will be willing to share your score (and committee)? It would be interesting to know where those shifts are happening. Thanks. And, congrats again!
  2. Hi all. I received word late yesterday afternoon that I received a SSHRC doctoral fellowship. (I wasn’t eligible for the CGS-D owing to months completed.) I am grateful. This was my third application and third time at the national competition. The first year, I simply didn’t receive the award. Last year, I made it to the wait list. Third time was the charm, in my case. The possible difference? Over the years, my project hasn’t really changed at its core, but I think the proposal is now clearer to a general audience. That, and it’s (perhaps) more obviously feasible as I indicated that I’d be actively in the data collection phase by now, which is accurate. I am sharing this in case anyone reading is where I was (and feeling what I was) last year or the year before. It is absolutely worth trying again. And it remains important to remember that the crapshoot factor is real. This and other awards are never measures of our personal worth and the worth of our research. We are all trying to make a difference with our work. Wishing you well.
  3. I never did leave the wait list. But it sounds like I will live in hope for a few more days on this year’s competition. Edit: I heard that I was on the wait list when I received the letter from SSHRC. I then emailed SSHRC to find out my ranking (i.e. where I was on the wait list). I didn't hear anything after that. I applied in the fall (obviously) and here I am waiting to hear about this year's results.
  4. Yes, fgsr *seemed to imply* they would send emails later in the week. (I read the email again. They only *seem to imply* this. No promises.) I think (at least in previous years) they email the recipients. They did not (last year) email those on the wait list. (I learned about the wait list by paper mail.) @Almond Had you emailed? Have you heard anything?
  5. You can email SSHRC to ask for your place on the wait list.
  6. Direct applicants will get the results by snail mail. It sounds like the paper mail was posted this morning, so likely Friday or Monday in Canada.
  7. U of A is not releasing results today. But it will be faster than snail mail, I’m guessing.
  8. I haven't heard yet from U of A either. I emailed though.
  9. Congratulations! Time to celebrate! Do you mind sharing the name of your institution?
  10. Sigh. Bracing myself for another week/weekend in the dark: “The delivery standard for regular mail sent inside Canada is: Two business days for local mail. Three business days within the province. Four days for national mail.”
  11. I have also been thinking about this. This year is my third attempt, too. My direct application and rejection, before I was even in the PhD program, was the hardest. Crushing. I now know that it’s not everything, but I also know it doesn’t feel that way. Yes, I’m trying to come up with a Plan B. But I’m also spending some time thinking about how to be gentle with myself if it’s a third no.
  12. "For result packages sent by mail, you should allow for at least a two week waiting period." What? I think it would be more of an NSERC project, but the experience of time slowing to the pace of pre-industrial climate change is really something that should be studied. 😂
  13. Mine was similar. The waitlist letter last year had "I regret to inform you ... " as the start of the 2nd paragraph. It then went on to say it was of high enough quality to be placed on a waitlist. I really wish it said something like: "Close, but no cigar." Awards like these are not a measure of our worth as scholars, the worth of our research, or our worth as humans on this planet. This is obviously important to remember when "I regret to inform" letters arrive, but I think it's equally important to remember if the other kind of letter arrives.
  14. I think "end of April" means April 30 in that sentence. 7 more sleeps?
  15. Last year, results were mailed on April 27. The year before, it was April 23, if memory serves. My guess is that results will be mailed by Friday and letters will arrive the week of April 29. If it's sooner: great. But I'm trying to persuade myself to focus on other things this week. (Haha. Ha.) Wish me luck with that.
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