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  1. I would reach out the FRQ directly because their documents are pretty unclear in general. I’m guessing they probably wouldn’t let you hold both scholarships unless you can prove that your tuition isn’t covered. A lot of people get both scholarships and they usually require you to turn it down if you also get tri-council funding. You are permitted to use the FRQNT for a fifth year of funding after the NSERC (4 years) ends, however.
  2. Yeah I also think the 10-12 is much more feasible in the US since they have so many programs. It would be a stretch to find 10+ Canadian programs that are a good fit unless you have super common research interests or multiple areas of focus.
  3. No personal experience, but I’m guessing location. A lot of people don’t want to move anywhere outside of Toronto/Vancouver/Montreal, let alone Thunder Bay. It’s accredited, so I doubt it’s because there’s anything wrong with the program.
  4. I may be wrong, but I think you are still eligible for the CGS-D past PhD1. I know of people last year who got it when applying in PhD2, although obviously that could’ve changed. That being said, I got a similar score last year when I applied as a masters student. I applied this year in the first year of my PhD and scored ~16. Honestly, there weren’t any major changes in my app, especially not anything to truly justify the jump in my scores. I changed one letter writer to someone more SSHRC oriented (I’m in psych, so some faculty are more NSERC/CIHR). I was also able to provide a mor
  5. External funding is mostly for domestic students. You can apply for OGS at York, but I don’t know what‘s available for Manitoba. A lot of programs limit the number of international student they accept because they’re more expensive to fund, so check with the departments before applying. Regarding the masters thing, it’s a bit different than in the US, where MA and PhD programs seem to be quite separate. Here, they’re often combined and most programs accept students into the masters program with the expectation that you continue to the PhD at the same school. So it’s not really a term
  6. Clinpsyc01

    FRQSC 2020

    It’s really unfair. The acceptance letter says that we *have* to turn down FRQSC if we get sshrc as well (i.e. there’s no option to choose FRQSC instead) so it’s like their main worry is saving money. And then they go on to talk about the importance of supporting young researchers...
  7. Clinpsyc01

    FRQSC 2020

    Wow, I got my letter and actually scored lower than last year. Yet this year I was ranked like 5 spots higher in my committee. Just goes to show that it really comes down to the other applicants in your committee.
  8. Clinpsyc01

    FRQSC 2020

    I’m in the first year of my PhD, second time applying. Based on your profile, it looks like you’re in psych too. Would your research fit with FRQS? I’ve heard of people getting turned down by FRQSC, and then getting very highly ranked by FRQS the next year. Could be that they’re less weirdly picky than FRQSC? But that’s all anecdotal obviously
  9. Clinpsyc01

    FRQSC 2020

    Yeah, I was rejected last year. There was no change to my profile and I eventually got an email from frqsc to check the portal around 3pm.
  10. Maybe it’s some poor soul working from home with young kids haha
  11. Clinpsyc01

    FRQSC 2020

    No letter yet. I don’t think I got a letter until late afternoon last year when I applied. It’s making me nervous haha like maybe it’s actually an administrative error or something
  12. Clinpsyc01

    FRQSC 2020

    It definitely seems they’re uploading things gradually. I got the award but my profile didn’t change until this morning, even though some people seemed to find out at midnight or overnight
  13. Yes this is what I don’t understand! Even if they’re doing it in waves, it doesn’t make sense
  14. Amazing! Congrats! My extranet is still empty 😭 wtf is sshrc doing if some results are up and half the applicants don’t have login info
  15. Looking at the NSERC discussion, it seems like their login info was sent out randomly over a couple of days too. SSHRC is a mess at the best of times so god knows what’s happening with the new system A lot of people from Quebec (myself included) heard back for whatever reason so maybe it’s being done by institution or province?
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