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  1. I'm a US citizen applying to two quant programs in Canada (University of Manitoba and York). I'm quite familiar with the US application process, but I was wondering if there's any differences between the US and Canada that I need to consider. I've seen that a lot of people apply for external funding, but I haven't been too successful at finding funds for international students. Is that a must? I think you need a masters to attend, but I'm not worried about that. Is there anything important I'm missing?
  2. Are you me (...but with more psych experience)? After 8 years in Philosophy grad school and my only psychology experience being philosophy of psych, in 2018, I decided to go for a career change and pursue Psychology. At the time, I wanted to do Clinical so I applied to a bunch of Clinical PhD programs. I was rejected without interview from every PhD program (which I expected). Luckily I had interviews at funded MA programs and now I'm happily attending a fully funded masters program. I'm super happy it turned out this way because my newly found psychology research experience showed me that I'm actually interested in quantitative psychology, so this year I'll be applying to quant PhD programs. I guess my takeaway message is that if clinical PhD is your goal, but you don't feel like you have enough experience yet, consider a funded MA.
  3. The current plan is to apply to York and University of Manitoba (and a bunch of us schools) for quantitative psychology.
  4. I figured I'd start a gathering place for us quant folk, so hello! I'm a current MA student doing research in quant and I have a list of 12 programs so far. Once I email potential advisors, I'm sure that list will change. Interests include structural equation modeling and nonparametric analyses Who else is out there?
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