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  1. Is anyone submitting optional GRE scores? What do you think are the minimum scores to submit with? My scores are good but not great. I don't know if I should submit them. I don't want to harm my application either way.
  2. William & Mary and Wake Forest
  3. I'm applying to quant, but I just wanted to throw in how valuable I find these pre-application meetings. I get to talk to top researchers about subjects that they're experts on. I'm super into the research I do and it's just fun to talk to someone else who shares that passion about it. In addition they're telling me what the program is like and what they look for in applicants. So, maybe you don't have to do the zoom calls, but they're really interesting and helpful to me.
  4. I can't answer the first one because I don't think I have enough background. As for PIs, I reached out to all of them last week and only one said he'd rather meet later. I know some people say wait until fall semester, but now worked for me.
  5. I've heard that quant is different from other areas of psych admissions in that we're not expected to have as solid of a foundation due to the lack of training pre-PhD (like you mentioned). I have broad questions that I'm interested in and part of choosing PIs is finding people whose methods fit those broad areas. There's also specific methods that I use for my research and I'm finding PIs who work in those areas as well. So my advice is ask two questions. 1. What are the broad research questions that I'm interested in? 2. What methods would I like to learn more about?
  6. Hello, everyone. I had one question, but I thought I'd make a place for people to post all related questions. So, if you have a question or an experience about reaching out to PIs that you want to share, this is the place to do it. Now, for my question (and the question of someone else who posted in another thread with me), what is the protocol for follow-up emails. Most of my PIs responded within a day, but one hasn't responded yet. I'm not worried, but I'm wondering how long I should wait for a follow-up. Also, what does a follow-up email look like? Thanks!
  7. I emailed 6 pois this week and 5 responded. I'm going to wait for a while to follow-up with the one, but I was wondering: what do you say in a follow-up email?
  8. I totally understand where you're coming from. I reached out to some PIs this week; and, now that I have meetings with them coming up, it feels too real. I didn't expect to get this anxious about apps so early. I guess the best advice is keep practicing self care. It's the most important skill for grad school, so get a routine now.
  9. One of my schools says they've "waived the GRE requirement." Is this one of those scenarios where I should submit anyway or does this mean it's not being considered?
  10. I've gone back and forth about applying to arizona State. It's a great program, so I'm tempted. At the same time, every time I look at it, I think maybe it's not the best fit. If there's any changes to my list, adding arizona State would probably be one of them. Also, I'm currently in a psych MA program, so I'm only applying to PhDs (which is causing lots of stress).
  11. My phone won't let me post links right now, but the quant page for Vanderbilt says the psych department isn't accepting new PhD students. If you're interested in clinical, you might want to ask about that.
  12. I'm applying to: Fordham Manitoba Missouri Notre Dame Ohio State UCLA UM-Minneapolis UNC-Chapel Hill USC UVA I haven't contacted professors yet, so this list could change based off of who is taking students. I originally also wanted to apply to Vanderbilt and York, but Vanderbilt isn't taking students and York isn't funding international students. Where are you thinking of applying?
  13. How many schools do you think you'll apply to?
  14. In my old field they didn't care about the writing section because doing the gre essays doesnt indicate you know how to write an article. I'm guessing some in psychology feel the same way.
  15. I had zero experience in psychology, so I took the funded masters route. A lot of people recommended an RA position, but I found that no one would take me without experience. I'm applying to PhD programs this year, so this will be the test of if I have enough experience.
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