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  1. My next step is to find a place to live. I've already contacted grad students with the kind of place I'm looking for and they provided many helpful suggestions. I've also had my post-acceptance meeting with my PI so I have plans in that regard too.
  2. For me, the informal interview was the actual interview where I answered questions about my research and goals. My formal interview was really relaxed. I had some questions prepared about the state of the field and future research projects and that's all we talked about. The PI didn't ask me any questions at the formal interview. Of course, I don't know if this is standard.
  3. I declined Fordham's offer today. I hope that helps someone!
  4. When I was waitlisted in another field, I found out I got in on April 15th. For a Psychology MA program I found out I got in on like April 19th and didn't hear about funding until a week after that. So that's all to say that you'll need to be patient (I know it's hard) because it might take a while.
  5. As a non-clinical person, I found this board very useful. I'm afraid future non-clinical psych applicants won't know to post here.
  6. I applied to university of manitoba; but, now that I've gotten into a US school, I don't know if I would accept an offer if it was given. What about you?
  7. Even so, I'm under the impression that quant programs generally (even in "normal" years) are smaller than clinical psych. So, there's less people applying, but I think there's less spots as well. Of course, I don't have that much experience with clinical programs so I could be mistaken.
  8. Any word on ASU? It says on the website that interviews go out at the end of January.
  9. Look up Curran Bauer. They just released the schedule for online workshops.
  10. I haven't but when I did my informal interview my potential PI told me the next step is an all day interview. So that's why I think it's an interview day not something for admitted students.
  11. I was invited to a recruitment event as well. In my case, I take it to mean interview day.
  12. I'm currently an MA student at Wake Forest so if anyone has questions feel free to dm me.
  13. At the beginning of mine he asked 1 questions which was basically 4 questions in 1 and that was the only question about me.
  14. The Fordham interview did feel short. I agree that I don't know if I really said enough about myself in order to help make a decision. Did they tell you there was a possibility of another interview (you mentioned if it was too close to call, they'd need another)?
  15. Is anyone else wondering what's going on with UNC? I saw they sent out rejections, but did anyone get an interview invite?
  16. Some info that seems to have changed is I think Wake Forest gives full funding to most of their students.
  17. I also have a non-psych background (philosophy). So far when I've talked to professors they've been super positive about the diverse perspective I bring. I'm not applying to clinical, but you're right that some will see our experiences as quite valuable.
  18. I've only heard back from Notre Dame, and the only other school listed on the results page is USC. My advisor said to not expect anything before the new year.
  19. I just had an informal interview and it was with a PI that I didn't get a chance to meet with before applying. From what he said, the informal interview was just to verify that the fit was there before moving forward with interview process.
  20. Is anyone submitting optional GRE scores? What do you think are the minimum scores to submit with? My scores are good but not great. I don't know if I should submit them. I don't want to harm my application either way.
  21. I'm applying to quant, but I just wanted to throw in how valuable I find these pre-application meetings. I get to talk to top researchers about subjects that they're experts on. I'm super into the research I do and it's just fun to talk to someone else who shares that passion about it. In addition they're telling me what the program is like and what they look for in applicants. So, maybe you don't have to do the zoom calls, but they're really interesting and helpful to me.
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