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  1. Ah thanks for your response! I really hope so because I got so excited but then realized that I’m *technically* not in yet since the department still needs to approve it 😭 still nervous waiting for that haha
  2. Hey everyone! I just a question regarding informal acceptances. If your POI puts your name forward to the department for an offer and the department just needs to approve it, how long does this take and what are the chances that they reject the POI’s request for that student?
  3. To the people who got offers from Ryerson- congratulations, that is super exciting!! Do you guys mind sending me your PI initials? Thank you
  4. Hi everyone! I was wondering if anyone can provide any insight on the OGS process for Ryerson? I know it says that students are automatically considered and there's no additional form that needs to be submitted. A PI indicated that OGS does require a research proposal- when is this submitted, then? Sorry just a little confused about the process and thought I would ask here before asking the PI. Thanks!
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